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Journeyman III

Need help. during heavy games black screen appears, no signal on the monitor, but the sound is saved

I have encountered this problem. during heavy games suddenly appears a black screen, the monitor says that there is no signal. the sound for some time is saved, but then also disappears. the computer itself does not shut down. after rebooting the frequency of the monitor is reset from 165 to 60, drivers do not open. after a second reboot, everything returns to its place.
as it seems to me, probably the problem is the lack of power supply power, but not exactly. in the event viewer the error is present "kernel power", in the stability log the equipment error "livekernelevent", code 117, also there is exactly the same error with code 141. don't know what the problem is.
config: r5 5600, rx 7600, 16 gb ram, psu 500w thermaltake tr 2 s.


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Journeyman III

As you had already mentioned, it seems like the power supply could most likely be the culprit in my opinion. Under heavy load, the RX 7600 can draw as high as 200 watts, the r5 5600 can draw about 130 watts, and then you have to factor in any potential SSDs, HDDs, CPU Coolers, Fans, etc and any associated spikes in power draw. Depending on the age of the power supply, it may have lost some of it's initial wattage capacity and brought you closer to the edge of it's limits. 


A few things to try:
- Monitor your CPU and GPU temperatures and make sure they are not going above 85C

- Uninstall your graphics drivers using the Display Driver Uninstaller from Guru3D, then reinstall them using the latest AMD Adrenaline software
- In the AMD Adrenaline software, try going into your GPUs performance tab and temporarily lowering the Power Limit all the way to see if it prevents your PC from crashing during intense gaming moments

If you are comfortable with tuning your PC and your motherboard allows it, you can try "undervolting" your CPU in the BIOS to have it draw less power while retaining the same performance. Undervolting your GPU can also be done within the AMD Adrenaline tuning tab. **WARNING:** *Don't attempt any BIOS changes unless you know what you are doing and understand how to fix any errors that might occur in the process.*

I wish you the best of luck and hope one of these things helps,


thank you for your answer. I tried to undervolt the video card, the temperatures returned to normal, the hotspot was no higher than 83 degrees. Before undervolting, the temperature on the chip was 70 and the hotspot was about 103-104 degrees, the fans were spinning at full speed. It is important to note that there is practically no dust. Perhaps this could have caused the crash. After undervolting the problem seems to have gone away, but for now we have to wait. maybe that's not the problem. Initially it seemed to me that the problem was overheating, because the rx 7600 is not the coldest video card.

When building computers over the past 3-4 years, I only buy quality brand PSUs rated at 1,000 Watts or higher.  I would never consider a PSU rated for only 500 Watts that needs to support a system that has a modern day video card.  You need a lot of extra capacity in a PSU so it can handle temporary power draw spikes from the CPU and video card.

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