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Journeyman III

Micro-stutters stop when using screen recording - help


For about a month i have been experiencing micro stutters when playing fullscreed videos or when scrolling through web pages (they do not happen if a video is not fullscreen). Those stutters are a third of a second of screen freeze and some audio buzz. The stutters never show up in games. When in a browser (have tried chrome, firefox and edge), the stutters are very frequent, i would say once every 2-3 seconds, as long as it's not a static webpage. They also do not seem to be impacted by downloading things or running games in the background, they happen all the same with one exception.

The exception being, interestingly enough, that the stutters disappear completely when using any kind of screen capturing software. For example, they don't happen when i am video streaming over discord or when having OBS screen recording open (not necessarily running, just having the screen record preview on seems to make them stop). For that reason, I think this might be graphics-related. Also for that reason, it has been impossible to show this problem to anyone else outside my own home.

So far, I've tried restoring the browser to default settings, deleting all of my cached data from it, reinstalling it, updating all of my drivers regardless of what they do, running sfc /scannow and dskchk in cmd. Nothing seems to have worked. Does anyone have any idea on what's happening?

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

CPU: I5-8600K @3.60 GHz


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