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Journeyman III

Sapphire 7900 xtx crashes the whole system

I just built myself a whole new PC, consisting of: 

* Ryzen 7 5700X (CPU)

* ROG ASUS B550-F gaming wifi II (MOBO)

* Seasonic 850 W 80 Bronze (Nonmodular PSU)

* 32 GB of 3200MHz RAM 

And the centerpiece is Sapphire 7900 XTX 

Once I finally built it and tested it through benchmarks, it all seemed fine. The only concern was relatively high temps on idle for GPU (50-60C)(also, yeah I may have a bad airflow, but still 2 intakes and 1 outtake should be enough) and power consumption being around 100W on idle as well. I did ignore them because I was positive it was some kind of driver issue, and that it will be fixed. 

After installing some games like Valheim, Godfall, Sons of The Forest, and GTA V, (pointing out them because those games crashed) and playing the first game on the computer, Valheim, The system immediately crashed after loading into the game. I was surprised, bewildered. Neither the reset nor power button worked; I had to switch on and off the PSU in order to start the PC. Before the system shut down, the computer made a strange noise, some may call it a choil whine. Since then I was testing and trying to debug and find the answer to my question.

Here are my findings.
1) Valheim did not crash when I went to turn the fan speed faster and undervolting the GPU. There was no mistake, that the problem would've been overheating, but a cool PC couldn't help Sons of the forest from shutting down the system; Cooling was not the problem.

2) After A few days, the PC had stopped making choil whine noises before crashing but still crashed when Playing Minecraft at its max (third-party mods included). I tried limiting FPS on some games, and surprisingly it worked, Games, where I've had gotten over 1000 fps (close to 2000), had crashed, but limiting to 200 fps did the work. 

3) When trying to get a sense from all of this, even the Event viewer wouldn't help me, giving me Kernel Power 41 thingamabob which is so goddamn wide ranged error, from PSU to drivers, I have tested my RAM - no problems, I have benchmarked my CPU - works like a charm and I have also checked all the drivers - all downloaded and up to date. 


So I've come here to seek enlightenment from you guys and maybe I could even fix this issue through your guidance. 

And before you ask; Yes, yes I have tried some of the fixes from other people's messages in this forum and yes, I have also searched through Reddit and some of the other forums.

Any help is welcome

edit: Why I'm so sure that the error lies in the GPU!? - Well, Because when switching to the RX 580 thingy, then everything runs fine with relative ease and no errors, no crashes, but low fps (old gpu). 

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is there a solution to this?  i have same problem


the RX 580 requires a lot less power than a 7900XTX 

Though generally Seasonic PSU's are great power supplies ..  in this case it just might not be the right tool for the might not be handling transient spikes very well and crapping out on yuh

IF you can try another PSU, something 80+ Gold at least rated and around the 1k wtt range.. your issues just might automagically go away

One video on transient spikes:

I just caught this reddit post 


ThreeDee PC specs