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What is your choice for thermal paste?

I did try kryonaut thermal paste and after 1 year and 3 months I removed cooler and paste was not completely dry. 2700x + wraith prism at 3500 rpm in cinebench temperature did not go over 82c after 1 year of use.

Now I did use master gel pro v2 thermal paste with 5800x3d and wraith prism at 3500 rpm in cinebench after 1 min temperature did go up to 89c and clock did stay at 4200mhz but I did not push further. Temperatures are fine when I play games.


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I was going to buy Kryonaut but it was sold out in January so went along with Artic MX6.

Very pleased with the package, the tube has markings for how much you should be using for each CPU and old paste removal wipes, they are good but they smell so bad and are a bit greasy.






The Englishman
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Artic MX-6 was option too but I did decide to try master gel pro v2 first and later I will buy MX-6.

Markings on tube are great idea. I like arctic products and I have p14 pwm pst fans and fan hub from Artic.


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Is that 2g, 4g or 8g tube on image?



4g tube good up to 5 applications and brings along 4 wipes (or 5, I actually didn't count...) 

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Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

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Arctic Silver, been using for years...

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Whatever I have laying around left over from whatever kit that had thermal paste included

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I've gotten to this point too @ThreeDee .  I used to buy Arctic Silver back maybe 10 years ago, but now I mostly use what it given to me for free.  I really don't have temperature issues with my builds since I ensure I have good airflow to begin with.

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