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Journeyman III

Rx 6700 xt stuttering



I have this configuration: 

CPU i5 11400 // 16 gb ram corsair // 3200 mhz 

SSD 500 gb Kingston 

GPU 6700 xt (lastest drivers) 

PSU 650 W seasonic gold // Mobo z590 m ud gigabyte 

Rx 6700 xt powercolor hellhound


When I play games like Farcry, GTA5, Mafia, The Witcher, Fortnite (mostly games where the system loads new assets) there is a micro stutter of 2 or 3 fps (Even when limiting framerate with adrenalin) which is very noticeable. 
I tried many settings, even capping to 60fps and the sttuter still occurrs when loading new areas. 
Help, it’s driving me crazy. What should I do? 

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Adept II

Could be heating up issue. A lot of issues can happen when you have neglected cleaning dust from fins on the cpu, gpu. If you haven't cleaned lately give the system a good going over. Heat is your number one enemy in any pc. Be sure you have enough air pushing into the case and that your fans are performing when you jump into a game. Are they speeding up? Check the power supply.

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