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Adept I

Outer Worlds key not on email

So i received my email regarding the Outer World this morning. In the email it states "This email contains a redemption code and instructions to download The Outer Worlds for your AMD powered system through the Epic Games Launcher." but the redemption code is not on the email. 

I have sent a ticket via the support on the AMD rewards site but don't expect to hear anything back any time soon. Any one have any idea how to get this sorted?

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Adept I

got an email to with no key

My rewards page says:
Release Date: 2019-10-24 9:00 AM EST

That's more then 24 hours ago and there is still no key....

I will probably not get my key this week end then...


First was the email from your Retailer with no Coupon Code or from AMD Rewards when you opened an account with the Coupon code?


The email was from AMD Rewards. I purchased my Ryzen CPU at the start of this month and have already used the AMD rewards program to get the 3 months Xbox Game Pass and that worked fine. I redeemed the Coupon Code for Outer Worlds at the same time and it went through just fine. 

The email came through this morning at around 3am and was from AMD rewards. It had the instructions to redeem the game via the Epic Game store but the email did not contain the key. Also logging into the rewards account it still states the release date as 

Release Date: 2019-10-24 9:00 AM EST

Also taking a look on Reddit I appear to not be the only one who has this issue. 

Any one from AMD Rewards care to way in?

In the Reddit link they are mentions:

Apparently Epic Games have been having issues with activating keys and aren't going to start distributing them until they fix whatever the issue is

Link to quote  

That he got from a Twitter link

But still no info from AMD awards....

I have my Coupon Code and I has been activated for 2 weeks.

the Outer World game key are we still wating on. But its not just me.

AMD Rewards The Outer Worlds code release? : theouterworlds 

Adept I

AMD rewards just updated and i now have my key and have successfully redeemed it via the Epic Games launcher. Installing right now. 

Looks like if you keep checking the AMD rewards account it will eventually come through.

Congratulations! Im sure mine is coming to some time!


It has arrived !