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New video card--AMD RX 580, 8gb vram, new MB--I74770 16gb, win 10

New video card--AMD RX 580, 8gb vram, new MB--I74770 16gb, win 10 Pro...

Was exploring the Radeon Settings yesterday and accidentally initiated a 'scan' and reconfiguration. Don't know what i did or what changes were made. But later when I went to play Skyrim, there were weird lighting effects and even audio anomalies that hadn't been there previously. The game was virtually unplayable.

Looked hard at the dedicated Skyrim settings in the Radeon tray applet and took a chance--changed the "Wait for Vertical Refresh" from "Enhanced Sync" to "Always On" and that seemed to fix the problem.

So...I'm happy for that, but I'm not a power user, and I'm wondering what the setting should be?

And why changing it worked.
And in general, is there somewhere I can find what the recommended setting are for thsi card on this system?
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Click the 3 dots in the profile name and remove it.


black_zion, Thank you...

Is that the individual game configuration in the Game Explorer?

What is the intent?

What is the consequence?

Can you explain in a little more depth?



To get rid of useless profiles.

To allow the game to use the global settings instead.

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