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Journeyman III

On board sound card is not being detected by my PC

I've just finished my first build, everything was working fine until a corrupted driver forced me to reinstall windows clean. Now my onboard sound is not working at all. It is basically not being detected by the PC. It doesn't appear in the device manager nor in the troubleshooting for audio devices.

At first, I thought it was a hardware issue with the Motherboard so I ordered a new one, exchanged the old one and reinstalled Windows clean. It didn't solve the problem. I'm getting sound from my GPU through HDMI but the audio jacks are not working. If I plug somethin on them its not detected by the PC. Website

I have reinstalled Windows clean since around 5 times with no luck. Reinstalled the Realtek HD audio driver several times with no luck.

My hardware: MB: Asus prime B450 plus CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x GPU: AMD Radeon 580X RAM: 4x8GB Corsair Ballistix

OS: Windows 10 Pro

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If you are getting sound from the GPU card that means in Windows Sound Control Panel you have the GPU connected HDMI Audio device as your "Default Audio Device" which automatically disables all the other audio outputs including your motherboard.

To have audio from your motherboard you must connect the audio device to the Motherboard's audio output port and then go into Windows Sound Control Panel and make the Audio device you plugged into your motherboard's audio as the "Main Default Audio" to make it work.