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Journeyman III

Need help fixing bad performance on dx11

I have an rx580 and used to be able to run games fine, now my games run like trash. just for example i cant even run Fortnite online without my frames going from 200 to 10 its pretty much unpayable as when I get into fights my fps drops down to 30-50. about a year ago was the last time my computer ran well. my computer is only 2 years old and my processor is a Ryzen 5 3600. I find this very annoying as i payed for a system and it runs like garbage. I haven't been able to find a fix for months after searching the internet. My friends NVidia system that is a little worse then mine runs games with no problem including Fortnite. does anyone know if there's a setting i can change or anything i can do in the amd software that can change this or fix my problem. This is very annoying I've done whatever i could. don't have much storage just factory reset my computer and still my computer runs like trash. now I switch to direct x 12 and its decent i used to have a much better experience on dx11 and now its simply trash. If anyone has a fix or experienced this problem please let me know on what i could do to make it better because i have tried literally everything possible on youtube reddit even browsed on here and nothing. thanks and have a good day

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Adept III

hi @vinn 

Please tell me in which games you have this problemAlso enter your system specifications
I have a problem similar to your problem with :
rx 6900xt avg temp at games 70c(2000RPM)

cpu : i9 9900kf avg temp at games 60c

motherboard : ASUS TUF Z390 gaming plus WIFI

2t ssd NVMe ( all games instaled )

480 g ssd ( for windows )

16x2 ram 3000mhz cl 16

windows 11 64bit

PSU 800w Radeon Software Adrenaline 21.12.1

monitor 2k (2560x1440p) 165hz DP port
After several checks, I realized that old games do not use the full power of the graphics card, for example, I use only 30% of my graphics card in the game left 4 dead 2
It seems that the new generation graphics( or older like your graphics card ) cards with only DX12 and vulkan reach 90% of functionality
For example, in the game cyberpunk 2077 and control my graphics card reach to 99% usage

You can do this to solve this problem : Try to raise resolution scale in the game or increase the resolution

Please tell me in which games you have this problem

If you have a stuttering problem, you can try to solve this: Turn off free sync on your monitor and then turn on V-sync in the game to help reduce stuttering!
Let me know if it works.
best regards _ from iran


Ive tried everything you have said and still nothing. i will list my specs.

Gpu- radeon rx580

cpu- Ryzen 5 3600 

Psu- 600w evga 

Motherboard- b450m ds3h wifi gigabyte

64 bit op system

one stick 8 gigs of ram 

im on windows 11 but windows 10 performance is far worse for me 

260gb ssd

1.8 tb of hd

Monitor is a 240hz overclock 280hz from asus hooked up to a display port 

i play tom clancy rainbow six siege

Fortnite bad on dx 11- but on 12 has bad input delay 


forza works good some stutters on all low settings

valorant is good 

the problem with most games is where i get into a fight it starts to drop my fps terribly and that's when I'm on dx11 and most games don't even support dx12 

warzone is unplayable i cant even move or go into a game its terrible i get like 10 fps on a system that once got 120 

for example while im playing fortnitr and say i get into a fight and it requires building as we get a little higher i start going down from 200 to 60 fps. this even happens sometimes when i shoot. for dx 12 my imput delay isnt good at all and i egt stutters but not close to as much. this has made it to a point that public matches are completely unplayable. i have seen many people with this problem with the same graphics cards but they seem to all be amd.

this has been going on for a long time about 5-8 months. 

ik the performance has nothing to do with anything but amd 99.9% sure

im pretty sure its something to do with the drivers and the way they run with dx11 I'm  not sure if there's a fix but i hope there is

im also not the smartest when it comes to pcs but i do know a good amount/ above average

I've tried a bunch of the less complicated  things. but sadly there is no fix on YouTube. I tried enabling and disabling things in the amd software as well.

The "stuttering" is not caused by my monitor it is (fps drops) what's causing that I'm pretty sure is something with amd. I do not have screen tearing. Vsync I've tried but it just decreased my performance and made my game feel bad.  I've raised the resolution scale but it just put more stress into my computer.

also my computer gets very loud while playing descenders on all low graphics (not a demanding game at all) descenders is literally a mountain biking game

thanks for responding 

From Vin





One hundred percent of this problem is not a bottleneck. If you say that you have had this problem for about 1 year and you did not have this problem before, run DDU and install the driver 1 year ago
In the case of Vsync sometimes, if your frame rate exceeds the refresh rate of the monitor it will cause to stutter

Let me know if the driver was effective 1 year ago


I dont know what that means can u explain what i have to do sorry

Not applicable

I also play Forza Horizon 5 and initially had problems with my RX5700XT with crashes and then restarting. I always use the latest driver 20.12.1 and since yesterday the adrenaline software again, before that I handled the graphics with the MSI Afterburner. It is important to have Windows up to date and the latest chipset driver from AMD support. Forza actually optimizes the graphics settings if they have been adjusted. Set either the global graphics or the Forza graphics to games in the adrenaline software, otherwise standard is set. For me, the game runs very smoothly with a maximum adjustable 80 FSP in game graphics with a 2560: 1440 165 Hz monitor with FreeSync.