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Adept III

Launch of 6700XT sold out in seconds

Very disappointed, but not surprised. Impossible to buy a new graphics card for a decent price. In 4 minutes it appears the 6700XT cards were sold out. I hope they were for home builds and not scalpers.

spent 20 minutes trying to get through the check out to eventually fail. I reckon the sales server was a gen. 1 Celeron

maybe next time. Maybe get a Mac (cost less than a graphics card) hoho

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CD722715-DC1E-4868-8DD2-3B76E9185516.pngAlready available on eBay 999€!!!!

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Adept I

Same here, woke up at 6:40 am, checked the site every 5-10 min since. Got a lot of 503 errors, followed by a period of not being able to add to cart, followed by them being sold out. I am absolutely pissed. They promised greater availability on this one, and apparently failed to put any purchase limit or anything that would keep data miners and price gougers from snagging all of them.

You're pissed?  I got one in the shopping cart at, entered my payment info hit next and nothing happened, I was stuck on the payment page. SO I went back to the AMD home page click my shopping cart and got a YOU'VE BEEN BANNED FROM THE SERVER ERROR 


You're MAD?  I got one in the shopping cart at, entered my payment info hit next and nothing happened, I was stuck on the payment page. SO I went back to the AMD home page click my shopping cart and got a YOU'VE BEEN BANNED FROM THE SERVER ERROR 

Adept I


Adept I

Pretty sure most of them went to scalpers!!! I was able to add a card to the cart, paid through paypal, but after that got an Error 503 and then access denied!!! 

Samen issue here man. Thought AMD was Blocking those scalpers nut deels they win again.

Samen issue here man. Thought AMD was Blocking those scalpers but seems those pesky rats win again.

Adept I

Disappointing is not the word I would choose. I am actually pissed off on this one.

First they promised greater availability so that wouldn't happen. That plan clearly failed.

Second, I woke up at 6:40 am, (8:40 eastern), been checking the site every couple minutes since, got a lot of 503 errors leading up around the 7am mark (8 for site) and even when I got a small window of it showing on direct buy, it WOULD NOT ADD TO CART. This was then followed by it being out of stock.

So apparently, the site didn't work properly for some of us who should have got one, there were no safeguards or purchase limits to keep data miners and price gougers from getting them all in the first few minutes, and so much for that promise of greater availability so that would not happen. Once again, gamers are left in the cold, when it comes to getting an affordable graphics card.

Adept I

Samen here man. Was Anke tot het to my paypal account nut when checking out, don't accept. Bots where stopping Evert attempt tot buy one.

Adept I

I got to the point where I had to release the transaction with the push notification.
Which I then did successfully.
After that it couldn't go any further.
I would like my graphics card, please. Many Thanks.

I got 1 in the cart in the first 2 minutes but never managed to complete payment. Now showing as banned form the server ! Oups!!

Honestly, this **bleep** is why they need to to a whole week of pre purchase set up prior to a card release. Give a period to weed out the clear data miners and price scalpers, ensure that only one card goes to any location before sending 20 or more to same address, and make sure that every actual gamer intending to use said card is able to get one. As long as you do sudden release on cards, and don't put a one per customer purchase limit (including looking out for those trying to bypass limit), this **bleep** will continue to happen.

I try too, but the check in button don't work, amd site is trash, just for bot... none user buy a single card...

CD722715-DC1E-4868-8DD2-3B76E9185516.pngAlready available on eBay 999€!!!!

Yeah, that is disgusting. Graphic card scalpers need to be treated like ticket scalpers. In other words that **bleep** should be illegal, and personally I say **bleep** it, fine Ebay and anyone who promotes the practice as well.

All I wanted was 2 cards. One for each of my kids because there graphics cards are somewhere between 5 to 10 years old. This seriously pi***s me off. Greater availability my a**. You would think they would put safeguards in place to avoid selling out in seconds. Can't they make graphics cards that you can't mine with? Maybe that would deter some of the scalpers. Now I have to look elsewhere and pay twice as much for cards that aren't half as good.

It just can't be true that they can't get this under control.
**bleep** scalpers! This is really a bad joke!

Christ!....are those prices in that image right?

Who in their right mind is paying that...for this card?


Alas very real

Journeyman III

Same boat here. Got up 10 to six checking availability every few seconds. Running an older fury card and actually need this upgrade but can't afford the insane prices resellers are asking. Maybe time to find a new hobby.

I feel your pain, woke up 20 til 7, and had an old R9 280x burn out on me 2 weeks ago. This has been a long fortnight of waiting, for a completely devastating result.

Journeyman III

Woke up at 10 to six checking availability every few seconds for fifteen minutes. Running an old fury card and actually need this upgrade but not at resellers price. Too bad there are so many greedy people and no corporate oversight on their own product so this doesn't happen. Seriously disappointed in AMD and the tech companies as a whole. Probably time to find a new "hobby".

It just so ridiculous that this happens, when I can think of multiple ways to mitigate this from happening off the top of my head.

First is to do a pre purchase set up for a week or two leading up, allowing the company to vet and eliminate scalper purchases, by double checking shipping addresses and account information. Basically a simply longer timeframe to weed out the problem.


Second, is to do multiple release batches. Whether than one announced date of release and a single release window that favors the bots, do that announced release, followed by an unannounced second and third batch 12 to 24 hours later. This way, even if the scalpers and data miners get ALL the initial batch, further cards become available for those seriously needing them, while the scalpers that got the first batch are trying to sell off that batch for their ill gotten gains.


While neither of these would entirely weed out the problem, either would give greater chance to ordinary consumers to actually get the card. A wise company would do both, as well as additional anti bot and purchase limit protections, that is if they cared about some of us gamers actually needing the card.

Preordering would require either 

a) hiring actual people to vet, or

b) software vetting that isn't going to work right (it never, ever does).

Neither is an acceptable option for one reason or another.  It basically comes down to "why pay for something when you don't have to."

This REALLY explains why their website got slammed so hard.  It's not as if they couldn't have hired out some load balancing and order processing using a Kubernetes setup, but again, why pay for something when you don't need to?  AMD is part of a duopoly. They only need to be slightly less sh*tty than the other guy.  PR isn't a priority in these quasi-monopoly situations.

AMD management just doesn't care so long as the product moves at the price needed.  Beyond that, they could give two sh*ts whether your a gamer, a scalper or a miner.

Journeyman III

Why launching it as you know It won't be for gamers. Shame on you AMD.

It is useless for us as we only car see your product on a screen ! What's the use for US ? NOTHING !

I've got a VR headseat and looked forward to use it decently (90 hz.... 90 average FPS) but I don't as YOU DID NOT SELL ANYTHING - 4 minutes... a joke. That's sound like false advertising.

I don't care you sell your cards to miners, I just want to be able to play new games. Maybe that's time for me to buy a PS5 or an XBOX.

As I red many comments about this since last summer, I can surely say that you don't care about PC gamers anymore !

Yes I sat here for 2 and a half hjours atempting to att to cart and add to cart buy add to cart buy and nothing what ended up happening is now i can accses there fuking WEB SIT... This is a Load of BS ya I agree FALSE ADVERTISING ALL AROUNDD.....

AND THIS RIGHT HERE IS COMPLETLY BS TOO... Bother my Chrome, and my microsoft edge cant accses there stupid website cus of this BS RIGHT HERE....

Journeyman III

Very disappointed as well, similar situation in woke up early and refreshed page often and wasn't able to even add one to my cart let alone complete a purchase. Looks like I will be using NVIDIA for the next build. Definitely will not be buying any other AMD components (eg CPU) for it either.

Journeyman III

Very disappointed as well. Woke up early and tried refreshing page multiple times. Wasn't even able to get one into the cart let alone purchase one. I will be using NVIDA for the future build and certainly not and other AMD components (eg CPU) because of this experience.


AMD's CEO even said this shortage was good for them:


Here is what im talking about I have to take different routs or other ways jsut t oget on there page... GUAHAHAH AFUGHUIOSBLDHDFJBSEDHJIb

Shame on AMD... Ban the bots, not the humans!

I tried to post asking about more drops today and my topic is nowhere to be seen.  Will this post? I've been Team red for over a decade but i'm losing faith

I will keep checking in case of them dropping additional batches, but I am not going to be holding my breath.

I mean, we haven't seen that with other cards that I know of. We all have plenty of reasons to be upset. Some of us got up way earlier than usual for this, only to meet site issues and to instantly see them sell out and go on Ebay for 200% pricing. Some of us stayed up all night, and even some of us own stock with AMD and still couldn't get a **bleep** card.

Hell, had I been able to get a 6700, it would have been over half paid for just from today's stock gains on it alone, and I still could not get a **bleep** card. It makes me even more upset, to know I am benefitting from my own misery.


**bleep** Brother, I am Feeling that too. And I don't even own stock!! I am doing this on a BRAND new build ryzen5 5600+  and a 2005 model Nvidia GeForce 7800GT with 256 Mb of Ram! My newer card a 2016 EVGA 260 gtx Kinda went wonky with funny yellow lines all over the screen and I need to RMA it... Way back then they had a LIFETIME Warranty! That was when they build this stuff to last! Pretty Disgusted right now! I have had this running for 3 weeks now Waiting and Waiting for the release of the 6700X or ANYTHING else to be in stock under $1000! All I can do is play stupid games like Solitair, Black jack and sniper fury! my video card won't run anything else!! 

Under 1000$ it was directly here from AMD for 4 minutes it was a good price, ok for me and the money i saved for. Best retailer was 680€ in Germany but sold out in a few minutes. Checked shop sites in the Netherlands and booooooom its the same with scalpers at ebay 1099€ up to 1249€ amd partner cards.

by writing messages here i have seen 5600X was in stock, for amd prize, but i didnt bought, for what i should it buy its useless with a lame graphic card waitin next two years to get a new one? Next two month i will kickout X570 and give it to my nephew.  Its better to spend my money at the blue ones (Intel outside). There i will get the hardware i dropped in the shopping basket, without any problems. Im tired empty promises from AMD. Are all just empty phrases goin on here since years and nothing will ever change.

Heinzi, that actually may not be the worst plan. I saw an article today while looking for any reasonably priced Radeon in stock (no luck there), mentioning an announcement from Intel due for March 26, and there have been rumors of them making a new card that unlike that previous one they made, should be more geared towards gamers. While I don't plan on getting one myself, nor have any stock with Intel, I do wish them success if for no other reason to push down some of the ridiculous secondhand AMD pricing (AMD is fine on that itself, its just how they are managing the supply that is frustrating most of us who can't get a **bleep** card for less that 200% MSRP from any secondhand retailer). If they have develop a truly competitive card (both price and performance), and manage a successful and orderly rollout, I see the ever so slight potential for even myself to paint myself like a celt and go team blue.

Bicks420, that's interesting news, I'll definitely take a look at that. I have bought AMD products for years. My first was a K5 in 1996 a real alternative to the Pentium (P55) which was expensive. Ok the price architecture at the blue ones never changed, but it never happened that customers were treated like idiots like here for years. The blue ones have always paid attention to that. AMD has managed to exist for 50 years, which is rather a miracle with these escapades. They won't reach another 25 years with this customer policy. They don't need to be surprised that customers go to the blue ones. One thing is for sure, if you order from blue, you will get it immediately without any problems.

Hey AMD a small suggestion that you could not have worked out in 25 years, but simply introduces a captcha at payment, smart companies do that for years. Sorry for this mockery but this is the truth, your not smart enough.



**bleep**. Lisa Su's comments in that video show that she just cares about the bottom line, which is typical of a CEO, but completely unacceptable in this specific instance. Surely, she knows that the PC gaming community overall is very unhappy with their experiences in trying to acquire literally ANYTHING in the last year or more. By her ignoring it, it shows a few things:

First, by not addressing this issue in any way from the level of CEO, she is showing that she either is unaware of said issue or she simply doesn't care that the majority of would-be customers are (at this point, especially) disgusted and very, very annoyed with her company. If somehow (yeah, right) she is unaware of the whole GPU drama, then she shouldn't be working for AMD, let alone be the head of the company. Let's be real, though. She knows **bleep** well what the general community mood is right now.

It also shows the worst possible as far as the company's perceived customer appreciation. If the CEO doesn't care, then there's no one above them to make them start. What makes this painful is the fact that (and this is 100% true) the CEO of Nvidia is her uncle. Hollywood couldn't write bull**bleep** any better, I swear.

From a money perspective, they will sell out of GPUs whether scalpers and their bots get them or actual gamers who truly want to just upgrade their rig, so it comes down to a matter of integrity, which seems to be hard to find these days. It would be nice if they could take come of that money she brags about from their profits to put in place some strategies to help protect their inventory from selling out in less than 2 minutes every single time because cucks want to resell their products for 3x what they sold it for. 

I know one thing, for sure. If I were near AMD's or Nvidia's offices, and they happened to be on fire, I wouldn't even spit to help put the fire out. 

Why dont we just get AMD's Stocks to DROP... so there about as BROKE as US.... and let them FEEL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF TRYING TO BUILD YOUR OWN PC... within THis Dayand age 


LMAO, I wouldn't even P*** on them right now! guess I will have to go with a cheaper NVIDIA!!! Not COOL AMD NOT COOL at all!! Grrr.. I already waited OVER 3 weeks in hopes they had enough to last more than 1 Min!