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Journeyman III

AMD deadlocking

My problem started some months ago while i was gaming and my computer displayed a solid color screen and just stopped, i the fans were moving the leds were on but i caps lock wouldn't turn on, it was deadlocked so I had to restart it. This continued happening so i checked for the temperature of the GPU and it was fine, I switched the memory slots, tried a different PSU, different sdd, a new board( the same model), and even switched the case, did a clean install of windows, nothing solved the problem. So I started to use my IGPU, the deadlocks happened from time to time not nearly as often as with the regular GPU, I've sent the pc to the company who built it but they said the computer was fine. Only to bring it back home and find the same problem, I really dont want to deal with them before im shure what the problem is, if anyone knows what could be causing this I would appreciate the help.

At this time I can't do anything with the regular GPU because the pc will deadlock even in idle.

My specs:

AMD Ryzen™ 3 2200G with Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics

rx 570 4gb

2 4gb of DDr4 RAM

520 watt PSU

Asus PRIME B450M-A 

2 Replies

My first guess would be the power supply.  520W is an unusual number, and suggests it's a very cheap, low-quality unit.



I doubt tho, I bought a 550 PSU I think it was a seasonic iii and the problem precisted so i just changed it back.