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Adept III

Help needed, is this faulty game, drivers or GPU?

For now, since I bought the GPU, I am seeing this for the very first time.


Is there something wrong with the game, drivers or GPU?

My drivers: Adrenalin 22.5.2 Optional (WHQL)

Game is Apex Legends.

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What settings are you running I have a 6800XT too and I could copy your settings and tell you what happens when I run Apex.


Specs help too though. 

Try to list CPU, GPU Model and Manufacturer, MOBO, RAM Capacity Speed and Model, and PSU. You can list CPU cooler too. 


The general fixes would be:

1) Update Windows to the latest version.

2) Check if someone else is suffering from the same issue in the game´s forums (remember to post your whole rig)

3) DDU and install older drivers.

If it keeps failing, it could easily be a faulty GPU.


Here is my PC Specs:

- AMD Graphics Card Make & Model
RX 6800 XT PowerColor
- Desktop or Laptop System
- Operating System
Windows 10 21H2 64bit, Build 19044.1741
- Driver version installed
Radeon Software Adrenaline 22.5.2
- Display Make and model and connection/adapter in use, resolution, and refresh rate.
LG 34GK950F 3440x1440 @ 144hz DP 1.4
- CPU/APU Make and model number
Intel I7 10700k @ 4,8k all cores
- Motherboard Make & Model + Bios Revision
MSI Z490 Tomahawk, BIOS: 1.B0
- Power Supply Unit Make & Model + Wattage
Corsair TXM 850W
- System Memory Make & Model + Frequency
Patriot Viper Steel, DDR4, 4x8 GB, 4400MHz (org), CL19, Running at 3600Mhz

I have everything that can be updated in up-to-date state.

I am using OC for my GPU which I have found very stable - no crashes or other artifacts in any other games.

My OC in Adrenalin Panel:

Screenshot 2022-06-15 202226.png


I would try disabling the OC for that game. If it keeps failing, it´s clearly a compatibility issue, since no other games are suffering from those shadows stuttering. I would contact Apex's support.