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Journeyman III

getting started

I am brand new to pc gaming and im confused on the set up settings in the amd adrenalin app how to get the best performance and graphics i have three games and it comes up in my app that my games could have better quality if i upgrade some settings can someone give me some assistance on how to set up my amd for best performance for gaming.

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Adept II

The app usually has a best settings option for the games, you could use that and it should auto set the setting for you. I would suggest though looking at Jayz2cents on youtube if you want a more in-depth knowledge of how to set performance on a PC for games both in Windows and in game settings. He has a lot of great vids you use to help with better performance in game with some minor setting tweaks. 


I hear what you are saying but new to pc gaming had an Xbox my whole life all I had to do was plug it in and play and j just want good graphics and and decent gameplay I don’t know how to set all that up it’s really confusing to me.

Volunteer Moderator

You can go into the settings of Adrenalin and there are options to increase performance. Go to this AMD site and it will explain the different graphic settings.

Customize Graphics Settings with AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition | AMD


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