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Journeyman III

What IDE should I best use to get quickly started on Windows on a Notebook with an AMD Radeon R9 M375 onboard GPU?

I am normally working in the IntelliJ IDEA world, but there is no GPU support, not even in C-Lion.

I am looking for some alternative IDE for windows that gets me started quickly, is free of charge and allows some basic Kernl debugging and performance analysis.

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I was looking at Jetbrain's IntelliJ IDEA System Requirements and doesn't mention about Graphics requirement: Install IntelliJ IDEA - Help | IntelliJ IDEA 

You sound like a developer programming in JAVA. If so try posting your question at AMD Developer's Newcomers Start Here


Yes, I develop my applications in Java, specifically Kotlin. For that IntelliJ IDEA is really awesome. With the JOCL library I can run a kernel on my GPU with no problem. But it lacks any analysis capability. So, my plan is to run a separate IDE to develop and tune the kernel (written in C obviously). 
I follow your suggestion and go to Newcomers Start.