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Gaming on AMD vs Nvidia/intel

I think the differences between AMD and the competition are clear. AMD lets you ray trace quite remarkably well since like the 90's and nvidia stops you from doing so and disables it all and sells it back to you years later when they get this rtx chip which allows acceleration up to 10% faster of traditional always been there supposed to have always been enabled ray tracing/realtime rendering in ps2/ps3 and so on.. so now they pretend you cant ray trace unless you have their rtx chips.. thats dumb.

the windows AMD OS is supposed to have AMD features and optimizations but it has zero of them and every second word in registry and drivers and everything says intel and intel are nowhere near half as good they dream they were half as good literally.

the games made by nvidia for nvidia like metro exodus sam and the two colons DLC is you crawl through a parasite riddled rear end with a flame thrower burning nasties on your way to exit a city hostile to killing your way across the map to escape the old peace keeper establishments and small closed off communities that are probably keeping monsters around in hopes of convincing you to leave or so they can blame the monsters when they've not been able to stop you. are lousy and cripple your computer and have terrible performance and graphics.

AMD titles like devil may cry 5 have a couple of dudes visibly trying very very hard to be cool but every few meters some sphincter blocks their path and they have to battle bosses and nobody ever laughs at their jokes.. the whole landscape is some sort of hell full of demons that they need to summon emo edgelord beastmaster magician to quote my little pony verses to all the vile hellspawn like "play nice and be friends or i'll leave you to the animals". So they always have flashbacks to sitting around in their office and getting a phone call where they have to leave the building and wonder when their stupid neverending quests actually began and who they have to find to finally finish the job only to in the next game installment have the same phone in the office ring with a different person and the same nonsense.

intel CPU's and network cards and everything you can buy or assemble parts for similar devices or USB ones off ebay or aliexpress or amazon and they dont require any software or drivers plug n play or if they do its like 20MB maybe? intels ethernet drivers maybe 300MB and their soundcard drivers maybe similar? onboard APU similarly large and its like a requirement.. but they actually have far less features quality and performance than the cheap ebay and mobile phone and android tablet deals that are plug and play and puny driver size? not to mention the entire windows OS has thousands of driver files and registry entries with words intel all over them.. what the heck is intels dysfunction when its entire hardware is absent and replaced by a huge collection of massive bloatware pretend software that has less and worse functionality?

nvidia titles like cyberpunk 2077 finally have closer to playstation 3 quality graphics when the console isnt being disabled or faked and allows its hardware to do its proper atmospheric quality realtime rendering details and light based colour and imaging ray tracing... but they take the famous blade runner universe where wealthy make androids that look impossible to discern from real people and kill people off and replace them with robots who do and say what they want and when people use special techniques to find the fakes or go to kill the evil doers off the wealthy and criminals and everybody are warring over the robots corpse so it can be recycled and repurposed often by the police force who are paid to retrieve the robot assassins for the wealthy and keep it a secret or by bounty hunters who are offered rewards for exposing the hidden assassins blades and getting them destroyed or into the right hands.. the blade runner wars series of books about corruption and bio hacking and whether or not people could have memories or a couple cyber parts implanted into them by knocking them out and then labelling them a robot and blaming crimes on them or using the robot parts to puppet them around is something people should be concerned about or not .. well definitely not with intel/nvidia's level of 80's technology but hey they ruined perfectly good books by making them about eco terrorists with gender identity issues who are lawless criminals but its okay because theyre in a band and that doing dirty work for large companies or for back street thugs is fine as long as you get double crossed every 10 seconds and it pays well. i mean sure way to ruin the whole franchise of blade runner and ghost in the shell which are in the same universe by the way.. man dropped the ball into the sewers on that one people. but hey at least its got satisfying controls and gun firing feeling to the combat most nvidia titles dont have ?

AMD titles like god of war or forza horizon 5 or halo infinite far cry 6 or assassins creed valhalla have the best graphics and the best audio by far its not even close and xbox series x and ps5 and steam console or your android mobile phones and tablets with adreno graphics (amd radeon mobile) or your anything AMD laptop within the last few years samsung/xiaomi/oneplus/oppo/google pixel maybe? they should all run these games at way beyond ultra in like 8k or 16k resolution no worries with ray tracing and whatever else youd want. you just need to configure them to actually pretend to use AMD hardware. i mean sure back in the days of the 90's when AMD's ray tracing for cheap consumer devices was maybe aimed at 720p or lower? and it wasnt full tobacco smoke particles quality graphics.. i can see how people struggled to spot the difference between military super computer hardware and software available to consumers and intel and nvidia's cheap fake calculators and the same parts in the cheapest of nokia phones pretending to be computers.. back then every monitor sucked so no matter what you plugged into it you were going to have a bad time pretty much.

but why hasnt anybody noticed the differences between them yet and why hasnt a single youtube reviewer been able to read the product names and understand what the bigger numbers for AMD mean?


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