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Journeyman III

Micro stutters in League of legends for over 2 months(rx 580 series, ryzen 5 1600)

Hello guys.There are at least 2 months now that I experience micro stutters in my lol games.I have tried everything I found on the youtube from tutorial to fix it,install and reinstall drivers,disable hpet,checking temps,install and reinstall the adrenalin edition with chipsets or without them,chaning powerplans,caping fps ,even reinstalled windows but the problem still remains...I have these stutters especially when there are big team fights with a lot of people together.Its like I lose some seconds and my game isnt smooth.Anyone had the same issue and fixed it?

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Journeyman III

Namaste guys,

It's been a while since I am looking forward to buy a desktop computer for graphics and intense gaming seasons. For this purpose I have decided to buy a AMD Ryzen 3 based system. Although I am confident about most of the parts but memory have me bit confused. You see due to  budget restrictions I have decided to go with G Skill Trident Z 2800mhz  Timings of 15-16-16-35 CAS Latency 15 and  voltage 1.25. My question is  will this memory support my AMD Ryzen 3 3100 processor or will there be any issues as I cannot afford to have breakdown while doing my job as with my previous Intel based desktop computer