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Adept I

debug led code 5A


I have a problem when switching on my pc since I changed my graphics card (rtx2070 replaced by RX6700XT).
The PC does not boot the first time, it gets stuck on error code 5A (internal CPU error).
Did you know what this can come from?
Thank you.

Here is my config:
Gigabyte aorus Master x570 motherboard
Ryzen 3900x CPU
DDR4 G-skill Trident Z @ 3200Mhz (xmp)
RX6700XT sapphire pulse graphics card
Corsair RM850x power supply
SSD M2 Sabrent rocket 1TB

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Re: debug led code 5A

First thing I would do is CMOS CLEAR to reset BIOS to factory defaults and see if the 5A is fixed or not.

I would also disable in BIOS "Fast Start" feature.

Check to see if in BIOS it recognizes your new AMD GPU card as being populated in the PCIe slot.

When you switched over from Nvidia did you completely remove all traces of the former Nvidia Driver before installing the AMD GPU Card?

If you install back the Nvidia GPU card is the 5A error fixed?

If so then make sure to use DDU to remove all traces of the Nvidia Driver and deleting C:\NVIDIA if created when you installed the Nvidia driver package. In case for some reason the Nvidia Driver was causing the AMD GPU card to be in conflict.

Now install your AMD GPU Card and see if the 5A occurs again.

Best way is to install your GPU Card in another compatible computer to see if the same error occurs or some other error. If it does than I suggest you RMA the GPU Card.

Adept I

Re: debug led code 5A

The CLEAR CMOS was done, I even did a BIOS update and the 5A error is still present.

BIOS fast boot is disabled.

Yes the BIOS tells me that there is a device in the PCIe port

I did a full Windows reinstallation after installing the new GPU.

I don't have the Nvidia GPU anymore so I can't test if the error occurs with the old GPU.

I also used DDU as a precaution to make sure there is nothing left of the old GPU.

I will try to install my GPU in another computer to see if the problem occurs.

Thanks for your help


Re: debug led code 5A

If you are not able to test your GPU card on another computer try installing a previous AMD Driver in case the latest driver is causing the problem from here:

If the GPU card does work fine in another computer than the problem is with your own computer and the GPU card is fine.

Could be your motherboard. I would then open a Gigabyte Support Ticket and see what they suggest. 

When I googled your error I seem to find many Gigabyte Aorus Motherboards with that error 5A being complained by Users.

Adept I

Re: debug led code 5A

indeed it would come from the graphics driver, I downgraded the version and for the moment nothing to see in time. Anyway, thank you for your help.