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Journeyman III

Cooling a 3950X in a 3U rackmount chassis

Hi all,

As the title suggests I am building a music production rig in a 3U chassis rackmount case and was wondering what your thoughts were on choice of liquid AIO cooling or a fan cooler? (I know AMD recommend an AIO over a fan) 

Can anyone recommend me a decent AIO cooler, bearing in mind my space is restricted within my chassis (just over 120mm high) but I hope I can achieve this build.



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Re: Cooling a 3950X in a 3U rackmount chassis

You'll need to mod the case and probably the AIO. There's some videos on YouTube on extending the hoses, combine that with running hoses out the back where the 2 fans would go. Maybe using an empty PCI slot opening to route the hoses out the back would work. The radiator should be above the pump, hoses facing down, so creativity comes in play. It would definitely be function over looks. I got these ideas from this Antec U 3 19" case photo: Antec 19 " Server Chassis 3u Rack-mount Case Full Profile Case Black for sale online | eBay 

Not sure if that's close to what you're working with or if it would be resting sideways vs. flat. Sideways gives more option for getting the radiator to be in the correct position, hoses down, pump above on the CPU. They sell fan cages, basically a metal cover to keep the fingers from going in the fans that would be external in your application no matter how you slice it. 

Another option is a custom loop using a water block, reservoir, an fan less tower style radiator. I had one in 2009 that just had a giant aluminum tower for the reservoir and radiator in one. But here's a link for some ideas that might look better in the end. Many choices there. Good luck! pc water cooling kit 

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