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Journeyman III

cant recieve the three free games with my radeon vII pls help

i have summited the code i got from cyber power  it says will give key when avaiable but i have still not got them how long before i am able to get the games 

Devil May Cry™ 5 - Steam

Congratulations on reserving Devil May Cry™ 5! We will update your account and notify you as soon as the content key is available.

Your key will be assigned as soon as it is available.

Release Date: March 08 2019 is exatally what it says for all three on my amd rewards center have sent in a ticket still no response

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Adept II

You haven't received one for RE2 as well?


I havent yet. I redeemed about 4-5 days ago. for 3 games. all 3 including RE2 have "Your key will be assigned as soon as it is available." text there. 

Would an AMD rep say something for heaven's sake??

Because ADMrewards support doesnt even reply, or sends some scripted answer that says nothing. 

Journeyman III

It is a scam. They just deleted my post telling them it is a scam, by the way .Sensorship, AMD? You are obliged to give us our keys, by LAW. You should be sued for not providing that immediately with the GFX card. Go ahead moderator, delete this answer as well. I want my games, and I want them right now, because I paid for this. Or give my money back. I will take this up with many more sites and show them what thiefs look like. 


Hi Inverto, I'm in your same position. Just installed a Radeon VII in my system last night and activated for the games. I don't have keys yet. Expected RE2 to at least be there but it's missing. I did purchase my Radeon VII direct from AMD last week. Doesn't seem to matter though. Considering how long some have waited here I'm not sure if Div 2 or DMC5 will arrive on release.

Most 3rd party resellers don't release keys until the day of the games release unless the publisher issues keys early for preloading. Hard to say if this is a Capcom or AMD issue.

They don't send keys. The only code you get is the code to add the reward games to your list of reward games on AMD Rewards website. You then activate it directly from AMD rewards, using the big Image link that says activate through steam.


Chances are it will become available on March 8th. it is currently the 7th.

Adept II

It is March 11, and I have not received any of the 3 games yet. including RE2. 

Albeit I redeemed my coupon 2 days ago but still, you'd expect to get RE2 at least which has been out over a month. 

What do we have to do at this point?

Are we receiving the codes anytime soon?


I've received both RE2 and DMC5 on March 8th. Division 2 is still not available, but probably will arrive on the 15th or thereabouts.


That;s great for you, but I still dont have any of the 3 games. 


 how useful is this information if we dont know, when you entered your promotion code on this page!? 

Its now day 4 AMD.

I bet i can look in the future and know that i wont play division when its released.

Thanks amd, i will not forget this. 

And thanks for deleting my comments. Censorship, but not replying here is another embarrassing behaviour from your side. 

Adept II

AMDRewards is not a scam. I received both RE2 and DMC5 keys. I received the DMC5 key on the day of game release. However, i did have to create a ticket and wait about 3-5 days for a reply for the RE2 key. I guess the verification part is overloaded. And they must manually verify you and the product.

Their system is simply overloaded with the amount of individuals who actually bought products with AMDRewards bonus.

Install your GPU or CPU first and then activate the AMDRewards coupon code. And you may have to create a support ticket.

Don't be surprised if The Division 2 codes are delayed as well. Make sure to create that support ticket regardless, just in case things don't work out.

AMD rewards CS isnt replying. or send automated message. 

Not the first time AMD does this, last time with CIV6 many poeple never got it at all. they gave them credit for some cheap games they didnt want instead. Many poeple picked AMD parts because of the 3-game deal. This is false advertising and borderline a legal issue. 

Hopefully they send the codes soon, otherwise they may find themselves boycotted in the future. 


I am part of those who got suckered in to upgrade with amd since i was looking to also purchase the games before release.

over a week and a half now and still waiting for someone to reply to a support ticket.

guessing the reply will come at the next fyre festival.

Thats how AMD seems to treat customers who are willing to suppor this company, who has to fight very hard for their market share.

It seems absolutely idiotic to me that they let customers down like this.

Btw, my posts all got deleted. So they actually moderate this board, but they dont answer you/us.

I will so surely send back this stupid gpu and just keep the games, when they come ... someday. Mabe in a few days, when division 2 is by far released, but hey, what should amd care about our needs? They already got the money!


I just received a Division 2 key this morning. Day before I can even play. I purchased direct from AMD. I now have all 3 games promised. It took me about 4 days to get RE2, but I got DMC5 and Div2 on release as expected.


starting to see why amd need snakeoil promotions like this to help build sales.

wish retailers made these issues clear before the purchases were made.

things might've been different for those of us also "expecting" keys on release dates.

Adept I

Amd lie . I still didn't get game


me neither, wondering why they so slow. Thought they were doing well. This service looks like from a company about to going bankrupt without enough workers.

Adept I