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Journeyman III

APU E1-1200 wont detected.

 I installed the driver AMD program. The 64bit windows 8.1 which is my system. I go through the process and the program eventually said they couldn't detected my APU. I did all of the suggested solutions and nothing worked. And i tried multiple times to install and redo the program and still comes up with the same answers. Any solutions? 

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I am presuming this is a laptop.

I suggest you go to your laptop's Support download page and use their Windows 8.1 APU driver and see if it is recognized.

Make sure you use DDU to remove the AMD Driver from your laptop and delete C:\AMD folder from your Root directory. When running DDU make sure you are not connected to the internet until AFTER you installed the AMD Driver.

If it is recognized, then try installing the last AMD Driver for your Legacy APU from here: 

You have a choice of two AMD Drivers - 2015 (WHQL) or 2016 (BETA).

For Your Information Only, AMD doesn't support Windows 8/8.1 any more with Driver updates.


Its not a laptop, but ill try that download because the other program didn't detect my APU. I'll respond in a while to see if it worked.


The AMD Driver link says it is for a Laptop but it is the same drivers for the Desktop version also. I just checked.

Next time you respond can you post your Computer information like Make & Model of your Motherboard, GPU if one is installed and current BIOS/UEFI version for your motherboard, Thanks.

After you install the AMD Driver for the APU and it still the program (what is the name of the program?) indicates no graphics installed. Go to Device Manager and see if there are any Errors or yellow exclamation marks and see if the HD 7310 is showing under "Display".

EDIT: Also check to make sure your APU is detected in your Motherboard's BIOS/UEFI.

First install windows 10 via windows update, the drivers for your processor's integrated graphics are on windows update for version 1909 and soon 2004 will be released


Your APU is Legacy...that means no more updates from AMD. These are the last available: 

You have no need to rush to update your computer...Win 8.1 has support until 2023.