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Ubisoft The Division 2 lock out unsupported CPU's that were playing the game for a year

Ubisoft  have turned on SSE 4.2 requirement in the Division 2 after a year of Phenom II CPU's being able to play.

in what is an attempt to stop cracked/hackers and the like playing and i understand this but as a paying customer who has played since Beta. I feel like they have rewarded them with a $3 price tag for their game and because my Phenom II CPU can still play this game i get what feels like a Perma Ban just because its easy. Not my fault AMD MADE A DAMN FINE CPU and here is the kicker  the division 2 has AMD splash screen and this is some of ubisoft responses to customers.

"Thank you for confirming that you have followed the steps provided and for attaching the requested files. In relation to your issue, the report that as you mentioned, your processor does not meet the minimum system requirements of the game. However, we understand what you have had to enjoy the game normally until this last update, so I will report your case so you can investigate the cause of this incident.
I am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us again"

From their Twitter see below

The Division 2
Thanks for coming back to us. What error message are you getting and do you still have the link you mentioned earlier? For the unsupported CPU situation we will not have a fix, as these older generations are not fit to play the game.
really not fit then explain 680+  hours of play on a Phemon II CPU 

Nice one Ubisoft

Does this seem Fair?

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Not familiar with your game issue but if Ubisoft did make Division 2 game compatible with only SSE4.2 and later versions of the CPU Instructions in the latest editions then the Phenom II would not be compatible since it only has SSE4a Instructions as per CPU World.

This is for the AMD Phenom II X4 965 which should be the same CPU instructions for all Phenom II Processors: 

It isn't fair for those Users with older processors but that is progress, I guess, as far as making the game better for Users.

So you have a choice of either upgrading the Processor that has SSE4.2 instructions or keep playing with the last version of Division 2 that worked with SSE4a CPU instructions.

EDIT: Looked up Ryzen 5 2600X CPU instructions and it does have SSE4.1 -SSE4.2 plus SSE4a.

This is CPU World explanation concerning SSE4 CPU Instructions:


The Division 2 is an MMO Lite, so he wouldn't be able to simply "Roll Back" to a previous release, as the Version Release is automatically Matched and Updated to the "Latest" to be Compatible with Online Components (which is effectively the whole game).

With this said., the AMD Phenom II, while they WERE great Processors back in 2008 but... we ARE talking about a 12 Year Old Processor at this point... to say "Well it's still capable of playing The Division 2"., I'd have to question.

I mean sure, without enforced SSE4.2 Support; I'm sure it can run it... but in terms of running it well., I mean I had a Phenom II X4 940 for The Division 1; and while sure it could "Run" it., frankly it simply wasn't good enough for the Streaming Nodes; meaning whenever I was running instead of walking through the City, it would eventually run out of Blocks and need to hang for a moment while it caught up.

It also wasn't powerful enough to get the most of out my Radeon R7 360 at the time., which is hardly a "Powerful" Graphics Card; even when it was released. It was more or less something "Cheap and Cheerful" to tide me over between my Radeon HD 6970 (which had suddenly found itself a DirectX behind the times) and beginning to struggle in terms of decent Framerates on more Modern / Demanding Games (like say The Division 1).

Now The Division 2 doesn't strictly need much better Graphics Hardware (RX 460 / R9 270) to run on the Lowest Settings., but still if you want to get the most out of it... really you're looking at a GTX 1060 3GB or RX 470 4GB.

And your Phenom II is certainly going to be a serious bottleneck to performance on them (I'd wager perhaps 60% their Baseline Performance, in a "Best Case"); and as memory serves a lot of Frame Stalls.

I mean the basic reality is that the Athlon 200GE (£39 at present) or Athlon 3000G (£44) is going to provide almost 2x Performance., and will support all of the current "Standards" (like SSE4/SSE5/FMA).

And it's going to do that being able to be cooled entirely passively, and using < 35w (vs. the 95 - 125w of the Phenom II) 

Alternatively, I'm assuming you're on an AM3+ Motherboard? You might be able to pick up a Resale Athlon FX 8350 for £50 - 80. It wouldn't be a particularly "Big" Leap in Performance, but it will support SSE 4.2.

I'd recommend the AM4 Route with a Ryzen Processor., I mean in terms of performance it's a HUGE Leap. 

`according to the OP and others in the thread he linked, they are locked out of the game and unable to play it since the game sees an unsupported CPU installed.

I thought maybe the game may have a stand alone version where the OP can install it without having the Internet automatically update the game.


I finally had to upgrade from my PII x6 1090T a couple years ago as it just could not run BF1 well enough. I still use this PC though as a streaming computer in my workshop. 

What I think is sad though is that if the OP was happy with the frames he got using it and from what it looks like is that it isn't so much a game engine requirement as it is DRM DENUVIO  requirement, which in and of itself is known to drag down performance, that is too bad. 

What can you do though time marches on. Maybe if the OP doesn't want a completely new system they can get a used FX processor to limp along if their board supports it, LOL. 

Maybe time to repurpose that machine someplace else in their home. 


Denuvo is brutal on PC rigs, games that use it saturate my CPU hard

R5 3600 is not that bad, so to saturate that is really demanding


The SSE 4.2 instruction set was released about a decade ago. It does seem fair to implement and use an instruction set that's supported in about every cpu released for the past 9 years.


The AMD Phenom II is now over 10 years old. I moved to AM4 2 years ago now and my current CPU is the R5 3600 which is more up to date. It is also dramatically faster than the old Phenom II with a lot more cores and threads.

My MSI X570-A PRO is on RMA so I am on my old X470 Gaming Plus for the time being.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3949.08 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR