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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x Frequency drives me crazy


I'm starting to go crazy with my AMD processor.

Here is my configuration:

MSI Bazooka B550M

AMD Ryzen 3700x

32 GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB F4-4000C17D

Zotac RTX 3060TI



I have a prism wraith on the processor and it's going crazy for no reason.

I've done a lot of research on the web and I see that my problem is not unique.

I recently followed this post to see if it could correct the case :


I do notice a decrease in processor frequency (temp also) overall but I still have a problem that I don't see in other conversations.

This problem is really peculiar, so I'll try to explain it clearly.

I'm in basic use, with no games and Chrome open on the Internet. I'm going to write an e-mail on Gmail or watch a video on Youtube or open a page, in short, simple things in relation to the PC's configuration.

In a completly random case, the processor will heat up and the fan will make a madness noise.

AMD Ryzen Master is installed, I look at it and notice this (i'm French, so the print screen are in the same langage, sorry for that) :


Frequency go to 4073 for all cores... that completly stupid...

Simply displaying this tool instantly brings the temperature down to this:


When I say instantaneous, that's the case as you can see on the clock, the temperature drops by more than 20° in 2 seconds.

I've noticed the same thing by displaying the Core Temp software.

Does this only come from using Chrome?

I admit to having 100 tabs open, but we're talking about a PC with 32Gb of ram and a multi-core processor. I've never had anything like this before this processor. And the memory saver option of Chrome is enabled, so inactive tabs should therefore play no part in the matter.

I don't think changing the wraith prism will have any effect, since the problem seems to come from the processor itself...

What to do? Change the proc itself ?


Thanks for any help.



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Big Boss

Change the cpu fan curve in BIOS. So it doesnt ramp up like crazy. 

The Englishman

I find a solution on another post :

Enter BIOS, and disable Core Performance and Precision Performance Boost.


Why is this crap enabled by default? What are these 2 stupid options trying to optimize?
Is the processor trying to optimize passive Google tabs with the 4.4 Ghz clock?
Completely stupid, and I'm not talking about the unnecessary power consumption.



If you disable PBO you will be leaving a fair bit of performance on the table.

I personally wouldnt do this. 

The Englishman