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Greetings people who cant read a box or spec sheet and have never used a computer!

Did you know the samsung website has a USB stick thats 256GB thats read and write at 400MB megabytes per second? it costs $70. But you can spend about $200AUD on a.. SSD drive.. thats 550MB/second at 1TB.. but did you know all USB and SSD and NVME and RAM sticks.. use these modular CHIPS attached to a mini RAID controller called an IO controller. So its wafers of mini disks.. make up a RAID array type uhh grid system thats been randomized to prevent attackers from easily pulling an entire file. Modern 3D storage uses maybe multiple wafer layers and uses 4D optical tesseract type data and processing called QUANTUM data. this has been around since film and tapes and uhh optical audio or COMPACT DISC or optical internet and WAVE AUDIO *.WAV.. But nowadays with AMD computers having like 120 x PCIexpress 5.0 lanes on ryzen boards like X570 or was it 470?

PCIe GenerationsBandwidthGigatransferFrequency

PCIe 1.0 x32




PCIe 2.0 x32




PCIe 3.0 x32




PCIe 4.0 x32




PCIe 5.0 x32




So if you divide by 8 as this maybe in bits.. you end up with.. a HEAP of GIGABYTES GB of FILE TRANSFER SPEED to GPU or CPU or RAM or USB or HDMI or SATA

NOW TIMES THAT BY 120! AND you get a massive **bleep** you retard **bleep**s criminals who cant read the labels on the boxes. You see because the controller IO and the wafer disks of flash memory/RAM or NVME or SSD or USB! its a fixed performance that can be calculated as the MINIMUM or average.. You understand what advertised on the box performance means for a USB stick or SSD or NVME? it means it does that fast when you copy files. The OPERATING SYSTEM literally only exsists to input output and transfer files around. an 80's xerox OS and printer have their own OS inside of them and maybe better at it than microsoft windows because when they copy data to a laser printer you assume its going to use the speeds advertised you stupid asshats. 

Imagine being a hardware reviewer on youtube and the internet for decades unable to read a spec sheet or a box and never testing out hardware or reviewing them and having them fall MASSIVELY SHORT of the whats on the box because you stupid **bleep**s cant look at a box make word noises with your mouth and understand what those word noises mean. 

Now if you get 1/4 the CONSTANT MINIMUM or AVERAGE SUSTAINED SPEEDS of EVERY SINGLE USB STICK AND SSD AND NVME EVER Thats PCIE gen 3.0 because they all use the same IO controller 550MB/sec then when newer ones came out for RAM and other **bleep**.. because fake hardware cheap **bleep** not maths not computers mp3 player garbage zero hardware faked it all with software raspberry pie bull**bleep**s intel and nvidia literally CANNOT do the bandwidth or the stuff of the PCI express and for many years were behind and couldnt even put it on the box and when they bought it out.. they used M.2 slots.. NOT ULTRA M.2 and were generations behind in bandwidth and never used the advertised PCI express.. forget PCI express.. they didnt use the advertised SSD or the advertised USB.. EVER.. not once.. well maybe now they're faking PCI Express 5.0 they can get a full M.2ultra slot for a single PCI E gen 3.0 550MB/sec transfer.. BUT will you ever see that sort of performance? Are they just putting their own fake OS in 3/4 of the drives wafers and VMs and malware and LITERALLY stealing 90% of your ryzen AMD gaming system to pretend their nvidia turds can ray trace or DLSS and process their fake **bleep** for them and do their render farms for sale and crypto mining where it decrypts your OS security passwords and bank accounts and purchasing transactions or fakes your internet for you to buy their fake **bleep**s bull**bleep** and see their cant read the box im a **bleep**tard live on youtube videos?

So.. How do you get a USB stick or a CPU or a GPU.. to have advertised bandwidth and speeds and max out the MINIMUM on the box.. like this number of RAM chips on the stick.. and this controller.. DOES THIS MUCH FAST.. its literally just SCSI RAID controller type technology .. Did they disable all the TLC tesseract 3DVNAND and NVME and pretend intel has some optane bull**bleep** on a tiny sliver at the start of their cheap fake **bleep**? is your MLC SSD drive just them being cheaper and faker than 80's junk? the magic eightball that is your hardware reviewers on youtube and websites on the internet and OVERCLOCKING forums who have no clue lower latency is faster will say yes yes they are worse than the dumpster parts of discarded AMD tech.

while AMD has physically based rendering true astronomy stars and telescopes REAL OPTICS and REAL LIGHT.. nvidia pretends and traces adobe illustrator style light losers! 

while AMD has multimillion dollar sound system TRUE AUDIO like real life but can be BETTER than real life.. its radiation based HARDWARE for TRUE particle data audio perfect real audio. and can use the same realtek sound card and chip as fake nvidia **bleep**s and use true audio.. nvidia has none of that and cant ever true audio because NO COMPUTER and NO HARDWARE.. all their adaptive bull**bleep** and stuff is taking their 128kbit mp3 bull**bleep** and making it ... a VBR mp3 dumb **bleep**s.

So.. anyone else having bandwidth issues? i tried to squeeze a bit more out but they keep turning **bleep** down again. now i got next to no USB or HDMI usage at all. KEEP IN MIND you can live encode to fairly lossless sounding THX cinema audio of DOLBY AC3 5.1 660kilobits.. or 4kHDR7.1 dolbyvision DDplus netflix stream 15megabits or you could multiply that a few and do 8K realtime live encoding at hundreds of FPS its a hardware function in linux you mount it drag and drop the file into it and the hardware does it the way you expect a rabbit ears analog TV to do signal or pictures.. or a printer and its print queue to print files. you can do so realtime high quality HEVC live gameplay remotely with AMD link app on mobile or PC and your game can be played by 4 players remotely at once effortlessly zero performance loss.

right click save as. If youve an ALL AMD system with freesync display or dolbyvision or a webcam or a samsung or LG panel maybe.. you should see some difference copying the .ini file in.. use 1 or 4 or a dozen copies. works android 11 win 11.. sometimes you may need to go to the directx feature level in registry and delete subdirectories or maybe with or without maths recognizer or uninstall .net and install the latest 8.0 preview or 7.0 or whatever from microsoft.. SAME for visual C runtimes. and uhh you maybe also wanna disable drive indexing and enable hardware DEP all software and disable system protection that rolls back driver installs by keeping them both around and delete restore points as the multiple drivers backed up to restore from maybe conflicting it ruins performance and quality. You also maybe wanna enable core isolation and memory integrity and where PBO or DRAM parity or interleaving is in bios set them ALL to auto for any memory options. use typhoon burner free version to check your manufacturer secondary timings for your RAM and do not use XMP. use geardown mode disabled and CR1T at lower mhz 2133 or 1866 for DDR4 you may need set the XMP profiles power needs. install adrenaline and configure it in advanced global graphics to antilag on, then down the bottom branch out advanced.. set them all on and to the max.. 8xeq super sampling override .. and override tessellation 64.. HIGh quality.. all of it max just maybe no triple buffering and no morphological AA. I also disable HDCP in display overrides and 444 full RGB 12bit in adrenaline overlay which may need you to down to 1080p 30hz or 24hz in display adaptor then toggle back up once RGB mode. download and install the larger 600MB or whatever of the adrenaline drivers. if its android just copy the ini file or copies of it in and youre good to go.


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