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Journeyman III

Daisy chaining with Ryzen 5825U

I got a laptop from acer with a 5825U

Does this processor not support daisy-chaining monitors?
I bought these monitors: 27qp88d
USB-C from laptop to monitor 1 => DP cable in DP OUT in monitor 1 => DP cable from monitor 1 to DP IN monitor 2

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Adept I

The AMD Ryzen 5 8250U processor, considering the information available up until September 2021, doesn't maintain daisy-mooring screens. Daisy-appending screens requires DisplayPort 1.2 MST (Multi-Stream Transport) support on both the delineations yield and the genuine screens. In any case, the Ryzen 5 8250U processor doesn't have neighborhood help for DisplayPort 1.2 MST.

To daisy-chain screens, you truly need a plans yield that expressly maintains DisplayPort 1.2 MST, and the screens ought to similarly have DisplayPort 1.2 MST limit. For your circumstance, if your PC's USB-C port doesn't explicitly indicate DisplayPort 1.2 MST support, it is presumably not going to help daisy-appending screens.

To interact various screens in your game plan, you ought to relate each screen directly to the PC's open show yields, as HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB-C. Then again, you should seriously mull over using a docking station or an external delineations connector with daisy-securing limits on the off chance that you truly want to achieve a multi-screen plan through a lone relationship with your PC.