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Adept I

AMD are you kidding me

I mean, Can you see all the problems everyone has??? Its sickening.  As I have said before, I was Nvidia for like 15 years. I come to AMD and pure JUNK. NAH ITS NOT MY PC I HAVE A BRAND NEW PC. 3700X   6700XT  32 RAM.  PURE JUNK ON WARZONE WITH MICRO STUTTERS UNPLAYABLE..  every other game I play Perfectly SMOOTH.  get with the program. MY 1660 TI I had played warzone on a laptop like smooth butter.

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Adept I

I have the same, 6900xt with 5900x. AMD is not taking the lead into this issue, its annoying asfk. Tested with 3080 ti and no issues


A lot of people complaining on Reddit that the game itself is causing lots of issues.

And a lot of people are have no issues,like this one.


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You joined a User to user community forum, There is no "official link"


Make sure windows update isn't replacing your AMD drivers all the time with ancient/broken ones. Microsoft windows update doesn't touch nvidia drivers though, only AMD ....makes you wonder.


Driver version is up-to-date 30.0.14011.3017 which is 21.12.1 so thats not the minor issue.

I'm using dual screen and while i unplugged my second screen the issue seems to be solved... i'm try to reinstall windows 10 to 1909 because i did an clean install earlier with version 21h2, so i cannot rollback to 1909.


I've to say that downgrading to windows 1909 solves the issue for me.
I'm using dual screen with B550-F gaming WIFI in combination with 6900 xt which gave me stutters.

@apewall thank you so much for this, i was looking for months and out of options!!



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For the price of an RX6900, these problems are very sales-promoting. When there is no more deficiency, AMD will notice. I will be careful not to buy another from Radeon. Instead of using a core clock like AMD, Nvidea uses stream processors, which, along with the drivers, probably makes the difference.



And one day you might stop talking your BS, or maybe stop posting on threads that do not not concern you.

You seem to be more of a troll that thinks issues you had are related to every driver/card version ever produced.  

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