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Journeyman III

2950x low CB after OS re-install

X399 Taichi

2950x at stock


Full custom EK water setup with 420mm radiator.

A few weeks back I replaced my 8x8GB DDR4 3200CL16 (running 2933) with 4x16GB DDR4 3600CL16.  I forgot to reset to default before changing out the memory so was continuing to run 2933 and got normal results of around 3200 (PBO is off the computer doesn't sleep if it is on).  

I pushed the memory to far and it corrupted the OS so I went ahead and did a clean install of windows 10 1903(no change).  My scores are now around 3060-3080.  Now if PBO is on it goes back to 3200 but I was getting 3400 before when PBO was on.

I've tried

- 2-3 different chipset drivers from AMD

- Updated BIOS

- BIOS "hardware defaults"

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Big Boss

I have a lot of experience with hardware and trying to squeeze the most out of a box is very difficult.

One technique I have found effective is to adjust memory timings and then retest the performance and cycle that until the best settings are found


Regardless it ran near the same as before and dropped 150 pts just reinstalling windows and no hardware changes.


windows 10 1903 has some changes in the kernel that are intended to make it run better on modern multicore processors

I use MSI and the Live Update tool updates chipsets and hardware cards etc. The latest drivers should be on your motherboard's site and chipset/video drivers are also available on

Journeyman III

The only thing that wasn't exactly the same before and after the re-install of windows was "Windows 10 enterprise" vs "windows 10 pro for workstations".  Both were 1903.  However I've ran 3 different builds since getting the 2950x and always got 32xx without PBO and 3400-3500+ with PBO.  I'm now getting 3050-3070 (If I'm lucky I'm at 2960 ish now but need a reboot) without PBO and maybe 3150 with it.

May try another re-install to a test drive but IDK gaming and other tasks seem close to what they were.  My timespy physics score is actually a tiny bit ahead of when I tried it in July.


performance varies a lot but redmond is aware of the problems and they have slowed the process of new features in favor of more stability

the 1909 update should surface fairly soon now