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This is insane....

So I decided to enable vsr to give a try out. I've got a native 1440p monitor so the resolutions it's gave me is 5k and 7k. Some games are running at 5k pretty well but I decided to set the desktop to 7k resolution and now my games at 1440p look absolutely insane.

I mean breakpoint is looking life like, there is zero jaggies and it looks super sharp and I can't see any jaggie pixels anywhere just wow.

I don't know if the games are down sampling to 1440p or upscaling to 7k but it's doing something and it looks absolutely amazing.

I've noticed using 7k as the desktop resolution that my memory clock on the 6700xt is hoovering around 800/900mhz where as if I set the resolution back to 1440p it's down to 20/30mhz so I feel the gpu is definitely doing something with vsr at 7k as the desktop resolution. 

 I noticed the difference straight away, I was thinking maybe it was a placebo at first but when I seen there's zero jaggies and the imagine is looking very very sharp it's night and day.

Definitely recommend for anyone to try this and if you do it would be interesting if you's notice a difference and leave a comment so I'm not the only one that's thinking if my eyes are playing tricks.



First pic is desktop at 7k res, second is desktop at 1440p res. you can clearly see the difference 1440p jaggies everywhere, 7k there is non to be seen and looks a lot sharper.

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@thisiswae88 that's an awesome review! Great to start hearing some of the VSR details from members here.

One issue, I tried to click on the Photobox links you sent and I couldn't seem to open them. They just sent me to the Photobox main website. Perhaps it is because I'm from outside the UK?

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sorry i didn't realize they wouldn't have worked. I have uploaded the pictures to another site and it seems to be okay now. and thank you for the kind words 🙂 it's just to make other people aware of this. Having the same performance at 1440p and it looking better using desktop vsr is a win win.

1440p native

1440p native using 7k vsr desktop

I tried to edit my original post to repaste the links but for some reason it isn't letting me.

you can see most of the detail in the knee pads, the leg straps, native 1440p looks muddier and jaggy around the edges, using desktop vsr at 7k and 1440p in game, it sharpness everything up and adds nice AA, this goes for all games that I have tested.



Wow that is a very clear visual difference. 

In any of the games you have played, have you noticed any changes in performance when using VSR?

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If I'm using higher resolution in games using vsr at  4k, 5k ect, it can be be demanding depending on the game. The likes of oldies like half life 2, f.e.a.r, far cry 2 with vsr at 7k maxed out graphic settings I was still pulling 80+ FPS, but mostly over 100 FPS and the game looks amazing.

But when it comes to setting the desktop to 7k using vsr and then going back to my native 1440p resolution in games there's zero performance loss, I get the same performance as I would normally at 1440p. And as you've seen with they pictures, there's a clear difference having the desktop at 7k vsr and just using your native resolution in game.

Ill need to take a few more screenshots in other games, and update this post with a few more comparisons. I was taking the screenshot at native 1440p, then changing the desktop Res to 7k and running the game at 1440p. As soon as I changed the desktop at 7k and jumped in to breakpoint i was like this looks so much better than before, I thought I had maybe changed the Res to 4k but when I saw I was still at 1440p I was like this can't be right lol.

I know the likes of VSR and DSR they use some kind of AA which probably explains why there less jaggies when using desktop vsr and native in game, but as for the textures and other details being much clearer and sharper that's what boggles my mind. Having had experience with DSR for years I can say vsr is by far superior imo, DSR is a blurry mess at times even when changing the settings a bit, vsr just looks amazing. 

Very cool post!

I have compared both several times on my Dell E772p monitor  and can't see even a TINY BIT of difference between the two.  Both look exactly the same on my monitor. 

Going to look into this A LOT more tonight for sure!!  😁


nice dude, least you see a bit of difference too 🙂

I have decided to just screen record and show you instead of screenshots, hopefully it shows things a bit better.

can't really see much of a difference in assetto corsa just a bit of sharpness around the car and on telephone lines ect, but you can see a bigger difference with the black ops 3 video.

assetto corsa

black ops 3

I just hope it shows up alright in the video and it isn't compressed too much. looks a bit better watching it non fullscreen picks it up more, fullscreen looks bleh.

it looks like it's bumped up to 4k even though it's still 1440p, it's crazy, a bump up in sharpness with less jaggies and still getting the same performance is great lol.


Hi @thisiswae88 (everyone)! 

Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone, great post! 

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