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XFX AMD RX 5700 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

The card runs nice and cool. The Radeon software makes for perfect graphics setup. Tuning for my NO Man's Sky. VR version makes me want to stay there all day, but a mans got to eat sometime.

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Community Manager

Hey @Botchip

I'm new to the AMD team (you'll be seeing more of me soon) and wanted to hop in here and say it's awesome to hear you're loving the RX 5700 Graphics card, specifically for No Man's Sky. 

I actually spent quite a bit of time playing that on Xbox, but VR sounds like another whole level. Is the building and farming easier? I bet the graphics are incredible, I thought they were good on Xbox 😂

I've also thought about diving back into it on PC.. but haven't yet as some other games have preoccupied me. 

Interested to hear more - maybe this will convince me to get back into the No Man's Sky grind haha 


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