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Adept III

Age yourself - your first GPU? I'll go first

Hi all!

Yet another day, yet another question, what was your first GPU? Mine was a Voodoo card, though we had PCs since the early 80s (I'm from 86)).

Looking forward to y'all's replies!


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Ok I’m new, 62 and retired. Decided on on the  ASUS 6700XT OC, hasn’t come in yet, will let you know what I think. Chow for now.

Still no update, received my card and power supply however power supply was bad. Fried the controller for the leds on my fans, had to reinstall the 500 watt supply. Will keep you all posted with pictures once it’s up and going. Awaiting parts!

OK, first update and mistake as considered on my part. Purchased the Mamba 620 wireless keyboard and mouse, they look good I have to admit however their operation is marginal at best. In normal operation they are ok but when gaming they have extreme lagging issues. Furthermore, trying to reach out to the manufacturer is nearly impossible been trying for a week, can't find a phone number and can't catch anyone on the chat line. Don't waste your money or effort' there is a reason they are so cheap unless you are only looking for esthetics.

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I remember having a Voodoo 2 video card.  Playing Quake II was a blast with my kids.  

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Although not a true GPU, the Hercules graphics adapter I had boasted a much higher resolution compared to the rival CGA card during its time. Additionally, I was able to enjoy playing all the games with SimCGA. Here you can find all the information about CPU's

I had a Radeon tv tuner card in a Dell PC that I purchased in 1999.

ATI RAGE 128 Ultra. Very cool card. Had some decent gaming experiences on that one. 

I want to say it was a hand me down 2 MX. All I can remember is play KoToR 2 at under 30fps

ATI RAGE 128---after that the most memorable was this bad boy ---760GTX



I came to team AMD in 2019ish


It was an old Invidia 5200 series AGP interface. I think it had either 64MB or 128MB of ram. Not DDR or anything special just VRAM. It was basically just plug and play. No overclocking software. Just drivers and if you had the right MOBO you could get temperature readouts but only in the BIOS which at that time looked like DOS. 

I want to recall precisely 😂 When I was a child we had a Commodore 64 and as a youngster had pre-made locally acquired PCs. Assembled my first PC in the mid 2000s with an ATI Radeon however after almost twenty years I can't remember what explicitly. 😅

I wish I could remember exactly 😂 When I was a kid we had a Commodore 64 and as a teenager had pre-made store bought PCs. Built my first PC in the early 2000s with an ATI Radeon but after nearly 2 decades I can't recall what specifically. 😅

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Similar progression for me.  I had a prebuilt with a GeForce4 MX440 in it.  The first PC I built I got a BFG Geforce 6800 Ultra.

Adept II

Tseng Labs ET4000/W32.    🙂

My, how far we've come.. I finally got an evga ftw3 3080ti + evga hybrid kit this week.

Well, tbf that wasn't exactly a gpu (but it helped me play Duke Nukem, others). My first gpu was an Ati Mach 32.

So far advanced!!! I have an evga ftw3 3080ti + evga hybrid kit 😃

The animation studio creates cartoons and animated series.

This was your first GPU ever?

Oh man .... It was a Vodoo3 ... geez... I feel old now.

Adept I

Voodoo 3DFX card. I'm an 80's bruh as well.


3dfx Voodoo too...

Was only thinking about my early GPU's a few days ago...

Went to ATI with Mach 64, then most of the Rage cards.. 

Always been ATI/AMD GPU's and CPU's...

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Adept I

Not exactly a GPU, but my Hercules graphics adapter was way higher res than the competing CGA card at the time. And with SimCGA I could still play all the games 🙂


After that my first actual graphics card was ATI (but I can't remember exactly which model)

Adept II


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I think my first GPU was AMD Rage II but not certain. it was a long time ago and it was the first computer I built myself. 


I remember saving up my money to get a Diamond Monster 3Dfx Voodoo2 and Diamond Viper V330 combo. It was my first real PC gaming setup. The early Voodoos were "3D accelerator" add on cards so they had that pass-through dongle cable you connected to your primary video card. I think I only had 2 games that took advantage of 3Dfx but I was amazed by the difference in visual quality. I remember playing Need for Speed II SE with 3Dfx and it made it look so smooth with anti-aliasing and when it looked like rain was hitting my screen, I thought Wow, how cool!

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I had 2x voodoo2 cards in sli! I sold those to a buddy and got one of the voodoo3 cards. I worked my butt off for computer parts! Finally, I was jamming on a 21" Sony Trinitron 85hz  + Half-Life/Counter-strike 1.6,  Quake III Arena  and Team Fortress Classic. Man, the nostalgia.

My first PC was a Phillips desktop, came with a massive (at that time) 3GB hard drive, was told that I would never use that amount of space and an exceptional 64Mb ram, complete with a 14" B & W monitor and had Win 95 installed. Win updates were fun, could take several hours to download updates, these could be just 50 Mb downloads, of course, if you had the internet turned on, you could not use the phone, took a few years before we got a dedicated  line for internet, and everything was so slow, you youngsters today don't realize what my generation went through to give you what you have today, my iphone can do nearly as much as my present PC, but the phone cost more


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Unsure what my parents had as a kid but my first CPU/GPU I bought for myself was an FX8320 and MSI R5 2700, which immediately got replaced with a R9 380 lol I bought prebuilt because I was so new to PC gaming.

Yeah sure,  Cirrus Logic 5446,  16 bit ISA slot, 2mb of ram.

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Adept II

I want to say some voodoo card but i dont remember specifics. Something in the late 90's/early 2000's.

Adept III

Ati rage 128 agp 

Adept II

Like one other here, I think my first discrete video GPU was a Voodoo 3DFX. Think it was in a 386. Now driving a 8GB RX580 on R7 2700.

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XFX R7 250... Happy to be running a 6800XT midnight now! Thought this post would make us feel old? mission accomplished 😁

Adept II

Geez, I want to say an S3trio64 if I don't count the 386.


Nvidia Riva TNT was my first real GPU.

Adept I

Not sure of the GPU but the CPU was a Pentium 133. My brother built the computer for me in 1995.



Too Many CPUs & GPUs to list...
Adept II

Diamond Stealth III, with the S3 Savage chip. 



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After seeing this, I do recall getting some sort of Diamond Stealth in the 90s.