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two full generations of cards and still no fix for raised blacks & hardware interlacing


• Hardware deinterlacing is broken in every driver version -> It is poor quality when applied to
interlaced video and it is not adaptive anymore, which is a NO-GO for HTPC usage.

• Color levels (full 0-255 vs. limited 16-235) are broken. That means limited 16-235 which is the
standard range for videos are interpreted as 0-255 and this leads to elevated blacks and dimm

This issue can be best seen on displays which want full range 0-255, like TVs in PC Mode (PC
mode for full 4:4:4/RGB support, so you do not use color subsampling like 4:2:2 or 4:2:0)
Also overriding the range for test purposes in MPC-BE (video tab -> Output range) does not
take effect.

These affect all RX5000 & 6000 cards only.

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