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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

5600G bug on AMD Software 22.3.1

I upgraded the drivers to the latest 22.3.1 and noticed that when moving windows around it would stutter all the time.  Then noticed other things like VLC video playback stuttering and other things like UAC prompts lagging, restored windows (from minimize) take a second to "focus".  Neither CPU or GPU usage was high when stuttering.  I uninstalled and downloaded the drivers from the website (previously I updated from inside to software) and it was the same.  So I downgraded to  21.10.2 and everything is back to normal.

Windows 10 x64
16GB 3600mhz RAM

I checked my temps and they seem normal when playing a game, as someone else reported these drivers (22.3.1) caused overheating.  My CPU and GPU usage look normal when playing games. 

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Adept II

i dont suggest those drivers theyre infact really buggy