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Journeyman III

Recent Drivers causing jerky video playback and intense system lag

Both Adrenalin 22.5.1 and the recent 22.9.2 are causing all video files on my system to playback in a very jerky manner. And also lag the system really hard. The mouse becomes very jerky and the system is just crippled while trying to play a video file from both SSD and HDD storage. This happens with VLC media player as well as Windows 10 Media player.


Streaming works sometimes, YouTube is okay, Netflix isn't. And any videos that play on the Steam client also cause the same crippled system lag.

The system reverts back to normal if you manage to close the video.


The issue can be avoided by rolling back to a previous Adrenalin driver, however that causes a different issue where the system struggles to recognise/display GPU temperature and usage metrics.

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Adept II

this sounds like the same problem like i have on my system, but i dont find a solution at all.

This is the post i made about a week ago.

Journeyman III

I may have found a solution, been having the same problem and no one in these forums could help. But this method I found fixed mine entirely.

Open the adrenaline software, click the settings at the top right, click the Graphics tap, scroll down to "Wait for Vertical Refresh" and mine was set to "Always off" so I changed it to "Off, unless application specifies".

Hopefully that works for you.

Thank you!
I've had this issue for such a long time, and this fixed it for me. I had Radeon Enhanced Sync enabled, so I disabled it and set the  "Wait for Vertical Refresh" to "Off, unless application specifies," and now it works!