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Journeyman III


I am building a new PC and Windows 11 hangs up and fails during initial installation.  All parts are from Asus QVL approved lists.  Here's the hardware:

X670E Hero MB

AMD Ryzen 9 AM5 7950X CPU

Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD 1 TB (four on MB for a RAID 10 config)

Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD 500MB (in PCIe adapter, that came with MB, for OS boot drive)

Corsair SDRAM 128GB 5200MHz


Corsair HX1000 PSU

Corsair H170i CPU Cooler

I have BIOS setup for RAID 10.  When installing Windows 11 Pro, I installed the Asus RAID Controller drivers (SATA and NVMe) that came with the MB) according to instructions for AMD processors, and then continued with the install on the 500MB SSD, which was looking just normal. After the automatic W11 reboot, to finish the installation, Windows hangs and reports an issue with a RAID driver (rcbottom) 'corrupt/missing' and will not continue further.  I went to the Asus support site and downloaded the latest RAID drivers and had the same issue.

For troubleshooting, I wiped the drive and re-installed W11 without the RAID drivers and it installed just fine.  But, no RAID.

I contacted Asus Tech Support chat and reported the issue, but the tech could not help and he elevated the issue to the next level.  He said it would take 1-2 business days for someone to get with me.  I will not be available at that time, so I am asking the community for help.

I know this is not an AMD issue, but Asus doesn't have a Forum like this that I am aware of, so I am just reaching out.

Thank you very much in advance!

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