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Drivers & Software

Adept III

Problems Recording

Since the last few drivers' recordings have been doing a hiccup every 20 seconds or so. Not on the gameplay but on the recording. I give feedback about it and nothing gets done. This is on all three of our pc which are all AMD but one has 6700xt and the others have a 6800xt and a 6900xt. Different hardware's, same problems. It is the software because we all have the same Radeon version. So now we have to install the PRO version, I believe is version 22.Q4. That one doesn't have hiccups when we record. Please fix this problem already. People record now more than ever before.


Also, don't make it so difficult to post in this forum. Jesus, I have spent an hour trying to and it's always something wrong with the post. Seriously?

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