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Journeyman III

Problem with RX480 - Lag and performance problem but not with "record and stream"

Hello community,

I have a problem. I downloaded the latest patch for my RX480 (24.1.1.). Since then I have had massive problems on my PC. The problems are as follows: The operation is very slow, it's almost as if everything is slowed down. For example, if I open a browser and want to watch a video on YouTube, the video does not play smoothly. Scrolling up and down is also affected - not just in the browser but everywhere in Windows. Everything hangs and is displayed unfluidly and very slow.

In every game I play I never get more than 15 fps. All of these games ran smoothly before.

First video without recording over record and stream, second video with recording.

I have uninstalled the driver several times and also installed previous versions down to version 23.5.1 which was my previous driver version. Without success.
I uninstalled the drivers with DDU beforehand and tried a lot of things.

Then I took a closer look at the settings in the Adrenalin software and experimented a bit.
Then I made a crazy discovery. When I start recording my window via "Record and Stream", my problems with the lags disappear immediately. Even the games run smoothly again at 60 fps and more. Everthing is as before.


Please can someone help me find a permanent solution to my problem? This must be a known problem. I don't always want to be able to record my screen and work on my PC.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

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