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Adept I

No VSYNC Options on 680M and 780M iGPUs with Driver 23.12.1

Hello there.

I don't have any vsync option anymore after updating to this driver version. My devices also have Windows 10 and windows 11 - it happens on both OS and with different RDNA iGPUs.



Please bring back vsync i need this option or some games will have framepacing issues, when i force them to run at 30fps.
It is bad enough that i can't force vsync on dx9 game, but removing it now entirely is bad

Why i need this?

I will also use Special K, but the driver function would be great.

I tested special K, but then the game looks like this:

Please AMD...i just want a working FPS Lock/Radeon Chill without framepacing issues and with vsync....
It's bad enough that this function was only for OpenGL and newer DX games and was removed for dx9 games...but removing this function completely? I need vsync forceable via the driver for games.
These iGPUs are great(finally), but since the driver support is crippled for older games(like Dead Space/dx9) i cannot enjoy older games and since they are not as powerful as a large PC with dedicated gpu i can't play newer games. And now even less, since vital driver functions are removed.

 Why do i always have to use third party tools to get basic functionality? Flawless Widescreen and Special K are not always working for fix the drivers again. PLEASE.

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Adept I

Sorry to bump this, but has anyone the same issue with these iGPUs?