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Adept I

Memory leak on Zen4?

I encountered a severe problem on my laptop HP OMEN 9 2023(AMD 7840HS + Mem 32GB + nVidia 4060).

3 non-pooled tags MiP2, Proc and EtwS just eat more and more memory, and never free any. Within 48 hours, memory usage will become 90%, and only thing I can do to alleviate this is reboot computer.


This problem disappeared after I did a clean uninstall of the driver using AMD's cleanup utility tool.

And it is returned after reinstalling the latest driver.

All these make me think the memory leak problem is caused by AMD driver.

At this point, I'm in desperate need of any help.

Thank you.

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Adept I

I am seeing the same issue on my system (Beelink GTR7 PRO - AMD 7940HS + Mem 32GB). I have the latest drivers installed.

Adept I

I have a ThinkPad P14s Gen 4 w/ 7840U and an IdeaPad Pro 5 (16″, Gen  w/ 7840HS.  With recent AMD drivers, including 24.1.1 (Jan. 2024), both systems have memory leaks through zombie processes.  The last-known good driver is 23.10.2 (Oct. 2023).

You can find more information about this type of memory leaks here:

I'm wondering how long it will take for AMD to fix it.


Could you share some info about where can I download v23.10.2?

Adept I

I run a 7950X3D and a couple of months ago(? I forget when exactly) I started having a memory leak that wasnt traceable with task manager. And randomly figured out that disabling the internal AMD GPU halted the problem from happening. This issue will eat up all 32GB of memory within a day. 

I dont know what any of this means, but found the same program and processes and showed what mine is showing at the moment (I am at ~75% memory used)



3 hours later. ~95% memory used


And now I need to reboot my computer because the ram is about to run out.


I installed 23.10.2 (oct 19) as someone suggested and no longer have the memory leak issue.

Please fix the software.

We probably shouldn’t have high expectations, since no one from AMD has responded to us.

Zen4 is cheaper than Raptor Lake, and you get what you pay for I guess.


Contact support via the bug report tool in the driver!

Adept I

24.2.1 (feb 26) still has the memory leak

I've decided to bump this topic on every driver release until its addressed.

Thats fine but please also send in reports when a new driver hits.

Adept I

24.3.1 still has the memory leak.

Adept I

You can say that again.


I installed the newest driver, rebooted, then about an hour later decided to record how much ram I have left over time. This graph shows from around noon, to 7:30pm where I was already running on fumes.

The spike is just me playing a video game. The flat line in the middle is it running nothing at all, I wasn't even home. Computer was just sitting idle.

Please keep sending bug reports via the app as well!

Journeyman III

I ran into the same issue, and after many many hours of troubleshooting I was able to pinpoint the iGPU driver of my Ryzen 7900. I didn't note down the exact driver version, but I think it was v23.xx.
What I found was that if the iGPU driver is enabled, it will prevent windows from properly exiting from ANY process, and thus the page table slowly gets filled up and fragmented.
What is weird that these zombie processes don't have any handles, so it was pure trial and error finding the source. 

I have a 3060ti, so I guess I'll just leave the iGPU disabled indefinitely...
Screenshot 2024-04-04 235826.png

Uninstall or just disable (im assuming in dev mgr)? Have you seen the improvement immediately or only after reboot?



First I disabled it in device manager, the memory leak was fixed by that, but SteamVR freaks out if you have a disabled GPU, so I had to disable it in the BIOS instead. No problems since.

Adept I

I hope they finally fix this in 24.4.1 which should be imminent.

Not fixed. Ill provide a graph later today of the free memory dropping

you save me 10 mins of my life

Adept I

Here is a graph of my memory being eaten by the AMD driver in the latest version



A reminder to please report this issue in the Adrenalin driver app:


Adept I

Sigh... 24.5.1 still has the memory leak.

I wont bother with a graph, but I did install the driver last night and woke up to 0 memory free this morning.

Please report this via the app as always.

Adept II

The latest good version is 23.11.1, not 23.10.2.

I've posted here how you can immediately check if the issue is present or not.

Thanks. This seems to be the case.

Unfortunately I ASSuMEd someone was correct earlier in the thread and didnt confirm myself. So Ive been reporting that 23.10.2 was the last working driver to AMD. I hope they havent been putting too much work to see what was wrong in 23.11.1 when theres nothing wrong with it.

I will do another report and point to your other thread showing how to confirm the issue.


I don't think you need to worry about that.

They probably didn't put into any work, if they even acknowledge this problem.