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Journeyman III

How to troubleshoot stability issues with a 6900 XT

Having problems with my 6900xt, i get constant crashes in every game - the only way to fix this so far has been to set max frequency and voltage to 80%, but this isnt ideal


removed old nvidia drivers with DDU and installed new radeon drivers, any other benchmark other than furmark crashes and most games crash on menu load - except from CSGO

What i've tried

- Double checked 8 pin power cables arent splitting off of 1 cable

- Reinstalling windows, Same problem

- Reinstalling drivers

i assumed this was a problem with power draw somehow (Even though i have a 1000w PSU) so i ran furmark at 1080p and my power draw hit 300W, no crashes

Not really sure what else to try, sent a support request to AMD but probably wont hear back for a few weeks

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I had horrible results with 21.2.2. Driver version 21.2.1 is super stable for me.


i had the same problem.

i can play a game and after a moment i will get a black screen and need to restart the computer.


i change in the adriline software/tuning/manual.

the max frequency is on 2489 MHz to the clock speed that is on the box for the the ASUS TUF GAMING Radeon™ RX 6900 XT  it is 2340MHz  on 1.175volt

now it runs without crashes and problems.

i try before i did this :

new powersupply 

new memmory 

new motherboard  

new windows install etc..




This is my first AMD system. Just built. When I try to load Cold War it starts then crashes the machine. Same with Wildlands. But I can get BF V to load and play with no problems. Anyone have any ideas?

CPU: 5600X

MB: Asrock B550

RAM: 32Gb

GPU: 6900XT


Welcome to AMD Driver HELL!

You can try a couple of things -

  1. Did you overclock the ram? Dial down to the spec speed. If you did not overclock, dial down to the JEDEC spec for your kit - it could be 2133/2400/2666. Choose the right one and see if the crashes still happen.
  2. Did you update the BIOS of your motherboard, search AS Rock's mobo page.
  3. Did you update your monitor's firmware? Check if there's an update.
  4. Did you enable the fancy features in Radeon Software - turn all of them off and see if it makes a difference.

Are there any other graphically demanding games or high end benchmarks it can run?

 In any case you could try:

Try undervolting the GPU. There should be a preset for this in the adrenaline driver software. 
If that does not work, can you test out another GPU, it could be a friends one (even if it’s nvidia) or integrated as this will help rule things out. 

Let us know how it goes. 


I’ll check the bios and monitor. Didn’t mess with any of the card settings. Stresse tested the gpu and it passed. This is a new build.  I remember now that when Wildlands loaded. I went to settings and changed it to 1440. (I’m getting old) That’s when it crashed. 


Please also check by running ram at slower/jedec speeds.

Ubisoft games become unstable if you change resolution in game. However only for one instance, if you close uplay and restart the game, it will run stable till you change resolution again.


i dropped the voltage on the GPU. Still crashed when COD when to load. I checked the memory settings and the are all set to Auto.  BF V is still running fine. M


I feel sorry for you dude .

The truth is AMD drivers are bad/incompetent. On all AMD systems, these problems are supposed to be less likely. You are in super bad luck.

Your best option is to return your 6900xt if possible or sell it on and buy Nvidia. The moto that it just works is 100% true.


I am talking from my experience of R9270X and 2 different RX 5700xts. I used R9270x for 3 years, and when drivers for Navi 1 were released, I had constant crashes for 6 months.

Then with 2 separate 5700xts, i suffered for over a year, no solutions. Then I switched to Nvidia, bang no crashes ever.


It’s disappointing. This is my first AMD system. I did the Newegg shuffle and was able to get at the regular price. I actually did it for the hell of it. My last few builds were Intel and Nvidia. Always worked. It’s just weird that BF V plays no issues and the other 2 games crash. Thank you for all your help. 


if you think nvidia will be better , just check their forum , or learn by yourself


I want this to work. Trust me. I’m not going to run out and sell this. True I’m new to AMD. This is why I came here for help. And I’m impressed by the quick replies. I’ve read the previous replies on here and have tried some of the advice with no luck. Im not giving up just yet. I welcome any and all suggestions.  The GPU kicks ass on BF V on 1440. 


give more details about your system ,

bios version

adrenalin version

what options are not on default in your bios (are you using xmp for now ?)

what options are activated in adrenalin (freesync or anything like this ?)


after a little search on that game and 6900xt over internet you can see people playing it without any problem , so 90% chance something is wrong with your settings and should be able to play it




I will. I’m at work for 24 hours now. Then going right to the 2nd job tomorrow am. So it will be a bit. As for the memory settings it’s set to automatic. 


I’m back in business! So far so good. Updated the bios and that seems to have done the trick! Thank you for all the help!!


ok good news ... what was your previous driver ? (never updated ?)


My XFX rx 6900 xt black is rock solid and now with a 5950x I get the highest fps I've ever had on my pc.  My pcie power cables are on separate rails and I'm running an overkill evga 1300w ps so I never see any power sag whatsoever.


P1.30. Now updated to P1.50.

I mean the motherboad company and model....



AsRock B550 Taichi AM4



Thanks for the info. That's poor from Asrock for one of their best series Taichi to behave like that. At least they have sorted it out now.


happy for you mate. hope your stability lasts. Which Mobo did you have by the way?


I'm using a gigabyte x570 aorus master and I've had the gpu since the middle of February.  Initially I had instability issues but it was being caused by a dying sound card and once that was removed everything returned to normal.


Mr xloss, Nvidia is leagues ahead of Radeon in terms of driver/game stability. I love AMD in toto but the Radeon technologies group just churns out bad software after bad software. And I am talking from experience.



i think you think your case is a generality , i had nvidia gpu too , and i talk by experience to say that you are totally wrong , and i can make you a list of problems that made me have to stick with the same driver for monthes before some problems have been corrected ... , if your use of nvidia gpu was without any issue than i'm happy for you but i don't care for a second, i don't think this is the subject of the forum and the thread here at all .. once again just check their forum if you want to be more realistic and not just polluting this forum ... over.



card is send to asus for RMA.

i try also a new cpu.

so everything is changed and still had crashes with the asus 6900xt tuf.

first i lower the clock speeds but that is now also not the trick annymore.

send on 30-07-2021 let you know when i got it back.


Hi I am getting BSOD when streaming and RE Village.

My system is quite robust, I have a:

Threadripper 2950x
Asrock x399 professional gaming
Corsair Vengeance 128GB DDR4 2933 MHz x 8 (CMK128GX4M8Z2933C16) with official support for my board
corsair hx1000i power supply (80 PLUS Platinum)
and previously a 3070 (that if I was half short)

Currently I have changed it for a Powercolor RedDevil 6900 xt and the BSODs started (the time is different, it can be 40min up to 3 hours), the driver version is: 21.6.1, the BSOD barely and I can see something, the image comes out with artifacts that do not let you see

What I have detected is that deactivating the xmp profile (2666mhz) stops the bsod (it bothers me because they do not run as they should)

The RedDevil 6900 xt occupies 3 8-pin connectors, currently I am occupying only 2 (each connector has 2) and it would be the next thing to discard

I really feel quite annoyed, because things were going super well with the 3070, it even had an 850w power supply and it was a marvel, detail that I had to change because the 6900xt did not even start

I previously came from a raedon vii and I never had a problem

Adept III

I maybe have a solution regarding constant crashing.
If you own a VR headset or have more than 1 screen connected then remove the VR and your extra screen so only your primary screen is connected.

I own the 6900xt and pimax 8kx vr headset and my games also crash all the time, BUT when i unplug the Vr headset two usb cables then the games do not crash anymore.

So i think there is some kind of HDMI/usb Vr kind of bug.

I hope this can help you..
ps.. i did not play much vr with the new 6900xt yet but i had 0 crashes in VR... but if i start a non vr game with the vr headset connected the non vr game will crash withing 5-10-60 minutes no matter what.
And its also like when i play a non vr game with the vr headset connected its like i dont get as many fps as when the vr headset is not connected ot he computer..   So something is clearly wrong that a vr headset that is not "on" but in standby/sleep mode effect other things.   I did not have this problem with my 2080rtx nvidia card.

pps.. the computer do not crash/turn off when i do stress test, 3d tests or burn in tests and torture tests of the hardware.. it only happen in non vr games when the pimax 8kx is connected. So its not a heating problem of my system its rock steady if i remove the vr headset.

my specs
windows 10 64bit
32gb ddr4 ram
5900x cpu
1x water cooling ( closed AIO system )
1000w rog power supply
Acording to my calculations the computer max need like 650w so its not a power issue either.


hi , would be helping to have some details on your configuration

ram speed , and actual timings

lot of my issues lately where about that ... pc can crash because of aggressive timings and speeds , even if no error detected with memtest, happened me so often that now it's the first thing I change whatever windows bsod message says (i don't even try to go above 3200 with my sticks, even if they are 4400 lol)





My personal solution to my system crashing was moving from my evga 850w psu to my 1000w psu. 

This is on my i9-9900k OC @ 5ghz,  ddr4 ram voltage moved to 1.25v, and my 6900xt at 2450/2550/1060mv, fast timing memory/2150, and wattage at 300w.  Fans 100% starting at 40c. 


I think for anyone having hard system lockups.. I would recommend removing any system overclocks, removing any memory xmp overclocks, fresh driver install, and moving the 6900xt to default settings with power at 250w or less, and fans at 100% to avoid overheats.. and start your stability tests there.  This would confirm your system and your card is okay.

If you're stable and start crashing on basic gpu overclocks then most likely you may want to look into another psu. 

Just my suggestion. 



Hi Everyone, just read through this and I am having some similar issues I guess. I too am coming from Nvidia. I purchased a 6900xt and from the beginning started to have crashes leading to reboots. At first I was getting wattman errors. I tried all trouble shooting and eventually upgraded to a EVGA 850 GA PSU and then reinstalled windows. After reinstalling windows I was still having crashes but no more wattman errors from AMD. My issues go like this. In the morning I boot up the PC during the first boot up the system will go black at either the PIN login screen or shortly after windows loads up. I will then get another crash/reboot after I boot into a game for the first time or will get another crash/reboot after getting into the windows the 2nd time. For example, this morning my system rebooted right after windows loaded and then again at the windows PIN screen. After the 3rd reboot I am running fine. Yesterday I took the EVGA PSU back to the store and got a Corsair 850 PSU after hearing about the EVGA GA's having issue. I am not sure what is going on here, its like after my PC warms up and gets a few reboots its okay. Any ideas? I have updated the BIOS to the most recent, turned XMP on and off, turn of SAM, no overclocks at all.

Edit: I am running 3 separate power cables to the GPU.



5800X with NZXT AIO cooler


M.2 for windows

Corsair 850W RM PSU


Journeyman III

What is your PSU ?

Journeyman III

Getting the same on my card. I've been trying to get high frame rates on games at 3840x1600 resolution.



(still doesn't make sense to me but..)   For 6900xt overclocking what I've noticed is that if you increase the min/max frequency too high the card will underperform.   It may show higher frequency numbers but the performance drops. Seems like maybe Diminishing returns if you push the Min Freq above 2500?  

If you undervolt /  Lower the mV voltage to something between 1050-1100 this would allow more power for the overclocking to happen on the card.  Resulting in higher frames and higher power draw.

For a close to stable OC starting point I would suggest the following:

1000w PSU+ 

Min Freq: 2450

Max Freq:2650

(it will ignore the 2650 and probably reach 2550 but some people said 200mhz over gives better results than 100MHz over the min frequency?    your results may vary) 

Voltage: mv: 1100 (1050-1070 will give good results in 3dmark etc.. but for long gaming stability you may want to look at 1100)

Vram:  Fas Timing, max freq 2150 

Power : all the way up.


My current OC results.. not the best though:


Hello thanksfor taking time and answering me.


Showbox  jiofi.local.html  tplinklogin


Same issue, just bought a new Asus 6900 xt(not tuf) have eag earthwatt 750 and when i launch a game my pc instantly crashes and stucks that way, is my card bad? shareit vidmate


Ive used 3 6900xt now and all keep getting bad_module_info errors


too bad that "Undervolting" does not apply as soon as you are above the stock clockspeeds.

i can dial in 825mv and all it does is completely ignoring it and set 1175mv anyways (except i run the card at stock clocks)

1 Mhz above stock and it ignores any voltage input except that it applies to memory as well and makes my whole so unstable that i get bluescreens.

1175mv, 2700Mhz and i get almost 1500 points more in superposition.
"Under" Volting = Low memory voltage, identical core voltage and crashes.


I’ve had a few issues Sind installing my 6900xt, for some reason I can’t have 2 DisplayPort cables into my card as I only get a display on one monitor so having to use hdmi and dp. I’ve also got an issue with Warzone where I can’t play at 2k resolution as I get like 40 fps when moving my mouse. Any suggestions?

Journeyman III

Hi everyone,

I installed my Sapphire 6900xt on saturday and had some issues.

Installation of drivers went well the first time round. However the system crashed with no error or BSOD when i started a game of warzone.

After the crash, the computer would reboot before reaching the windows login screen. I had to go to safe mode and DDU the driver, for me to enter to normal windows mode. However, whenever i try to install the GPU drivers again, the system would crash during the installation. then, i have to go through the same process of using ddu in safe mode for it to boot again.


MSI tomahawk x570 wifi

Ryzen 9 5900x 

superflower leadex gold 850W

Gskillz DDR4 3200MHZ 32 GB

Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev 3

Phanteks Evolv X 

Windows 10 Home latest patch.

Things i have tried:

Reinstall windows 10

Reinstall AMD chipset

Reinstall AMD GPU drivers (multiple versions) ( installing only GPU driver without adrenalin )

Reseat RAM, GPU

Turning off fast boot

Turning SAM on / off

Using PCIE 3.0/4.0

VGA power connected through 2 different cables