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Hdmi Scaling Issue

I bought a amd rx6700xt a couple months ago, and ever since, I have had an issue where my screen is bigger than my display, and I found the way to "fix it" was to use hdmi scaling. It brought the screen size down to the size of my monitor, but ever since, when i turn on windows it is smaller than the display cause hdmi scaling's supposed to be at 0% instead of 5%. If I turn hdmi scaling off, when I restart windows its bigger, and vice versa. My monitor (technically a tv) is a Proscan MTC 26T42. I saw some other threads from a few years ago but none had conclusive answers. can somebody help? 

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Journeyman III

A bit late but had the same issue when running 1080p on my 4K screen , and the only fix I found was to run the active screen signal in windows at 4k and the screen resolution at 1080 with RSR on and the image fits perfectly. Since I have an rx6600 I take a bit of penalty hit and random crashes when I have the active signal resolution set to 4K sadly. Hope it helps you out , 6700xt shouldn't have any issues with 4K RSR.