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Journeyman III

Issue with HDMI scaling on my TV

Hello AMD community!

I had a look around on Google and here on the forums and haven't found a similar issue yet. My issue is that I can indeed scale my screen to fit my TV but every time my screen turns off (sleep mode) or I shut my PC down the scaling changes. In other words when I set my scaling in the AMD app to 5% to shrink it to fit, the screen is the opposite on restart. I set it back to zero to expand to fit and it goes the other way on restart. Been going back and forth for a while and can't find a solution to not have to open my AMD settings to fix it on EVERY restart. More an annoyance than anything because I have no other issues as far as I can tell.

Would appreciate some help with trouble shooting thank you.

OS: Windows 10

GPU: AMD Radeon 5500 XT

AMD Software version: 22.7.1

TV: Toshiba 47" LED 3D TV Model: 47TL 515U


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Adept I

I just posted the same, same error with no solution.

That's what I do, and every time the size change again, and got to do it again and again 

Journeyman III

bumping because no solution and 1 person who doesn't read the whole post before replying.


Journeyman III

I might be late to the party but after having the same issues with running 1080p on my 4k tv , I found that the only solution was to change the active signal resolution in windows to 4k and run RSR at 1080p , this way it fits on the screen perfectly. Sadly I get a bit of performance penalty and hate to say it but when I ran my gtx 1060 on the exact same setup all I had to do was change the screen resolution with the sliders in nvidia control panel and it ran at a slightly under 1080p resolution with no issues , tried the same thing in adrenalin and it's a total mess the image is blurry and still overscanned.

EDIT: After trying multiple times to make a custom resolution like the nvidia way , I realised that turning RSR on turns gpu scaling to full screen mode , when I turned off RSR , created a custom resolution of 1856x1044, turned gpu scaling on and set it to center it worked like magic. No more hdmi scaling from now on just set the gpu scaling to center and create a custom resolution , here's a website with resolutions that use the same aspect ratio  When making a custom resolution just select progressive and cvt and it should work most of the time.