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Gaming Profiles not getting updated with new card max frequencies after update



upgraded today from a 6750xt to 6950xt and the first thing I noticed while trying the first game was that the profiles I had for the former AMD card were not updated with the max frequency for the GPU SHOCK!! also the curves were updated with some fan speeds that were not far from 50% speed at max temps SHOCK!! had to quickly quit Ghost Recon Waypoint as junction temps were reaching 105º.

Former card was MSI and new card is Reference Card, had a higher clock max freq 200Hz more and I almost toasted this new one

Updated gaming profiles with the max freq for GPU and VRAM, adjusted the fan curve. 

Now I'm safely at 65º , what a difference. 


I've reinstalled/repaired the Adrenalin SW and today was released the new drivers 23.5.2 

Shouldn't an upgrade on the Graphics Card maybe consider that the software could have been installed earlier and game profiles were created and change it... maybe? 



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Standard practice is to uninstall the previous model drivers before installing a different model card.

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Hi, that would make sense to me if no changes had been made. But things were changed. Fan curves were modified, why not change important things? Drivers are the same file, and uninstalling would mean lose all the 20 profiles I have.

That's just my point, improvements can be done here, drivers are so much better now that this would only, in my opinion, improve it even further. Tnx





As mentioned, best practice has always been to wipe and clean install drivers when installing new gpu model. Drivers are the same, but underlying hardware completely changed.

There are a lot more important bugs and features to work on. Switching GPUs does not happen very often. It's not very practical for adrenaline to continually try to adjust settings to migrate to new gpu which can have vastly different clocks (upgrade/downgrade) where some might be OC to stock or stock to OC with various models and generations.

As an exercise in the futility, try writing a document to specify how the settings should be migrated from every permutation of gpu generation and model supported. i.e. 560 to 6700/6900/6950/7900xt/7900xtx/... then go to next gpu. Also, don't forget stock vs partner models with completely different clock settings.

Just clean install.