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Journeyman III

Driver timeout 7900XT

Hi! I've been a lot of having driver timeouts in WoW, especially in M+ Dungeons, making it pretty much impossible to play this end game content (as in high M+ keys you often die/wipe/etc.).


I have tried a butload of things in order to fix this problem (virtually everything I could on this page but that did absolutely nothing), in addition to some other tips from people on different forums (disable XMP, check other PC parts, check temperature of all parts when in use, all was fine). The only thing that worked was uninstalling Adrenalin, and let Windows auto-select a Driver. Then I had 0 timeouts in 3 weeks. However, then Hogwarts legacy gave problems (in the form of weird noises out of the PC), so I re-installed Adrenalin, after which Hogwarts legacy worked fine, but the WoW driver timeouts were instantly back (and frequent).

Any tips?

My setup:

Intel Core i5 13600KF
Corsair DDR5 Vengeance 2x16GB 5600
Kingston KC3000 2TB M.2 SSD
Be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 1000W PSU / PC
NZXT H7 Flow Black Midi Tower
ASUS TUF Gaming AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT OC - 20GB GDDR6 - PCIe 4.0 - 1x HDMI 2.1a - 3x DisplayP
Noctua NH-D15


p.s. this 7900XT for some unknown reason has 3 8 pin conectors and the Be Quiet 1000W only has 2 PCIe slots, so I have 2 separate cables to the video card but have to daisy chain the 2 that are furthest from the i/o side of the card. That is supposedly ok as apparently those 2 8pins require less power than the one closest to i/o (I tried swapping the single daisy chain but no difference).

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