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Adept I

AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS w/ Radeon 780M Graphics Black Screen Problems

Hello, I am a laptop user. My graphics card version remains at 23.12.1, and whenever I try to install newer versions, I encounter a black screen error. I have tried various methods to fix it, but nothing seems to work.

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Yes, I am facing the same issue on my HP Victus ryzen 7 7840HS w/h Radeon 780M graphics and nvidia rtx 3050 model. I have confirmed that this issue is indeed caused by the Radeon 780M graphic card. Its been months and this issue is still not resolved. For explanation, whenever a video plays in background and you have the latest drivers installed on your pc of the radeon 780M your screen flickers and refreshes. Its really annoying since you experience videos a lot during casual web browsing and the screen blackens out of nowhere.

I am facing the same issue on a brand new laptop HP victus 16. Is the issue with hardware? Amd 780M graphics card? Or is it with driver? Should I return laptop or it's just software issue? 

The issue lies solely with the AMD 780M graphics card, and it's entirely software-related.

Journeyman III

Same problem with HP Victus 16 s-0060nt (7840HS and RTX3050). Windows installed drivers works perfectly but when i want to update to latest drivers it happens. Furthermore, Linux has latest drivers so it has way worse than Windows.