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Adept I

AMDRSSERV.exe (AMD Relive) VRAM leak. Uses enormous amounts of VRAM over time.

Here's my problem. I have a 12700KF, Asrock Z690 (recently switched back to it because I got a Quest 3 which luckily doesn't have issues with this motherboard), and an RX 7900XT.

I use AMD Relive to get 30-second replays at 1080p 60fps 13mbps AVC. Below you can see my issues and the program causing it. AMDRSSERV.exe over time leaks memory and uses so much that when it fills I can't even run my VR or play any games without stuttering and have to end the task and open the AMD software so it restarts. 

What's also weird is that when it starts using a large amount of VRAM, AMDRSSERV.exe in the task manager shows quite obviously incorrect readings of VRAM usage. the highest I usually see it saying is around 300,000,000 (300GB) - 350,000,000 K (350GB) of VRAM, which is very odd and probably not correct...

I am on the latest driver 24.3.1.

AMDRSSERV.exe when its using all of my VRAM can show about 345,000,000K (obviously not real reading)AMDRSSERV.exe when its using all of my VRAM can show about 345,000,000K (obviously not real reading)VRAM before and after killing AMDRSSERV.exeVRAM before and after killing AMDRSSERV.exe

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Adept I


never showed it but here is what it looks like when you look at the GPU memory usage in task manager.


AMDRSServ.exe Memory Leak (May 2024 - AMD Adrenalin 24.3.1).pngI'm currently using AMD Adrenalin 24.3.1 and, though I don't use AMD Relive, just noticed that I'm having the same issue with AMDRSServ.exe reporting in Task Manager that it's using almost 300GB (308,334,620K) of Dedicated GPU Memory; other tasks are also reporting using lots of Dedicated GPU Memory, like DWM.exe using almost 14GB (14,486,944K). Not sure how that's possible since my GPU (ASRock OC Formula Radeon RX 6950 XT) only has 16GB, but something is definitely eating up over half my VRAM. I too suspect this to be a GPU Memory Leak...

Interesting that this is happening on RX 6000 too. And perhaps it's not specifically an issue with Radeon Relive but just with the exe that associates with it? Or I'm just wrong, I don't know. Hopefully, AMD will fix this soon.