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Adept I

AMD Adrenalin Ed newer than version 22.10.3 are blocking my speakers (no sound)

As stated in the subject, all the newer versions (than 22.10.3) of Adrenalin Edition are bugging my speakers.

1. They play no sound although they seem ok in device manager, turned on, used as default etc. If I plug my earphones or use Bluetooth device, all works ok (I mean the headphones work fine, sound is there - not the laptop speakers).

2. All the videos (i.e. on youtube) load terribly slow, and the "circle of loading" is there for good few to ten seconds before the video starts (without sound ofc.).

3. To have the sound in my speakers, I have to reset the Realtek Drivers (turn off and on).

So I have to use backup of C drive to get back to normal.

Any solutions?

P.S. My processor is R5 5600H. Video card is Nvidia if it matters.

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I know I know, saw that after I posted but i can't delete my topic so whatever, at least I gave some new info on it (how to fix it temporarily + youtube)

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