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Adept I

Adrenalin 22.5.1 vs 22.11.2

I already once made a post regarding how poor 22.11.1 was running with my 6900XT FE. However, 22.11.2 seems to outdo itself in that regard.

Now these are the results with SotTR with 22.5.1:

And the results with SotTR with 22.11.2:

So overall a good 17% performance drop in FPS and almost a shockingly heavy 20% performance drop in total rendering.

Again, with 22.11.2 I see that the GPU doesn't use more power even when using power tuning +15% or trying to override it in the BIOS or with MPT. For some reason, since the previous 2 updates any power OC has been completely blocked. I'm okay with using less power if they've found a way to be more efficient and maintain fps. But, clearly this is not the case.

AMD, you guys really need to address this issue!

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