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Adept I

Adrenalin Ryzen 2500U Windows 10 2004 code 31

If you install the graphics driver from AMD's webiste (specifically Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.2 Optional) for a laptop with Ryzen 2500U they will Windows error code 31 when you reboot. This only applies to Windows 10 2004, 1909 worked fine. The driver Windows ships has terrible performance so it'd be nice if the driver from AMD's website worked. The driver from AMD's website gives double the frame rate in some games, but gives error code 31 after a reboot. I have a ThinkPad E485 on Windows 10 2004. The WHQL driver did not even install (it gave AMD install error 1603 if I recall correctly).

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Community Manager

Our published drivers are only qualified against the current publicly released Windows 10, which would be 1909. 

Adept I

vincent294‌, just wondering which hardware adapter is showing Code 31 for you. You didn't mention. New drivers generally have opts for new games. Hopefully, AMD will release a driver in time for W10 2004 OS update.

It was the display adapter, AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.

@vincent294 wrote:

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 25.20.14012.19004 is the driver from hell that Windows spoon-feeds your computer in spite of group policy disabling its installation.

Thanks, Vincent. 

Your suggestion to roll back worked for me.  Windows kept re-installing 25.20.24012.19004 and AMD kept installing a new version.

When I rolled back 25.20.24012.19004, my driver became the latest: 27.20.14501.18003.

That did not instantaneously fix everything.  My external monitor, connected by HDMI, was blinking and blanking.  I fooled around with Radeon, which was willing to work with 27.20.14501.18003, and my monitor settled down when I defined a custom resolution for it.

This is the best shape my system has been in for many months.  Even if Windows attacks again, I now know the path back to returning to the good driver.  


Adept I

Windows 10 2004 releases this week and this issue is still happening. I follow this guide so I can download the correct drivers from AMD's website and it no longer works. When Windows tries to install the wrong drivers via Windows Update the GPU enters code 31 after a reboot, even though that install fails due to my group policy. Performance is awful (half FPS in many games), and sometimes my PC blue screens when I plug in a 2nd monitor via HDMI on the Windows-provided drivers which is why I block their installation. Why they try to install those broken drivers is beyond me, and the new drivers from AMD do not stick like they used to.

Edit: "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 25.20.14012.19004" is the driver from hell that Windows spoon-feeds your computer in spite of group policy disabling its installation.  is the driver that works, until it code 31s after you reboot after Windows tries and fails to install its terrible driver.
Intel and Nvidia's GPU drivers stick after you install them from their website, why can't AMD's?

Edit 2: I found a temporary workaround, I can roll the driver back to the good version and it sticks after a reboot.