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AMD Redon HD 8490 graphics card support Windows Vista

Hello guys. I have a very simple question: does the AMD Redon HD 8490 graphics card support Windows Vista or not, and if this graphics card supports Windows Vista, please send a link to download it. Thank you.
Operating System - Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit

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There is one Windows Vista x64 AMD Official Driver to download from here:

Screenshot 2021-01-04 142443.png


Welcome, my friend. Once, I thank you for your response. Currently my friend, I just downloaded the definition from official website now, but when I started extracting the installer files, I started the installation, and during the installation an error occurred and then I went to the device manager from the control panel and then I displayed all the definitions via the file (.INI) was shown all the definitions for AMD Radeon HD, except for mine which is AMD Radeon HD 8490, then I used another tool called SDI Lite and I searched for the special definition and then my definition appeared and I downloaded it and the size of the definition was 128 MB, but is This definition is complete or I do not know. Well then I went to the device manager and found that the definition of the graphics card has an AMD Radeon HD 8490 instead of VGA, as well as when I tried to change the Windows theme when I did not even find Windows Aero

I have also attached a set of photos that contain the problems that I face

Link to the pictures that I uploaded for you Images download link 

Please my friend, if you know a solution to this problem, I would be grateful and always thankful and thank you


First stop using the generic Driver updating software. They many times installs the wrong driver causing your computer to not work correctly. You should get the drivers directly from the Manufacturer's website.

You can update all of your Intel Drivers using Intel's own Driver updating software from their website.

Your Device Manager shows that you need to install your Motherboard's CHIPSET Drivers. Which could be the reason why the AMD driver failed to install.

If the Vista CHIPSET doesn't install drivers for all those showing in Device Manager then try updating them directly from Device Manger itself.

Once all the Device Manager doesn't show any more errors and all drivers are installed then try installing the AMD driver package again.

If you had a previous AMD driver installed you must first run DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in Safe Mode (best method) or in the Windows Desktop with the Internet disconnected. Also check to see if you have AMD Installation folder C:\AMD. If you do delete the entire folder before installing the AMD driver again.

Once DDU finishes removing all traces of AMD driver and boots into the Windows Desktop, with the Internet still disconnected, run the AMD full driver package. Once it finishes installing and it installs without error, reconnect the Internet and again delete C:\AMD installation folder.


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