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Journeyman III

7900XT driver timeout

 I have built an entirely new system 2 weeks ago now, here are my specs:

Sapphire RX7900XT, Ryzen7 7700X, MSI B650i Edge Wifi, 32GB DDR5 5800, 2x 970Evo m.2, 850Watt PSU 80+

The first few days everything seemed absolutely fine, but the more my pc ran the more my Drivers seemed to have an issue. It is always the same driver timeout error message and I have tried these fixes:

-DDU multiple times using both normal DDU as well as AMD cleanup utility (both in safe mode)

-Bios update

-Minimum installation, as well as driver-only installation and trying older drivers.

So far nothing seemed to work and right now my card is unusable as it crashes not even kidding at least every 2 minutes in the Last of Us and occasionally (every 20-40 minutes) in every other game I play (Rust, Sons of the forest, Forza Horizon 5)


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