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Adept III

7900 GPUs quick VR tips

Howdy, all us VR users are still experiencing some issues with VR, but I've found some things that really boosted my VR experience with a 7900 XT and a WIRED headset.

The best VR driver for the 7900 cards at the moment is 23.3.1.

Older and newer drivers tank the performance in VR.

Try 23.3.1, keep FREESYNC on and turn on SURFACE FORMAT OPTIMISATION. Leave ALL the other settings at default. Also if running windows 11, make sure 100% that you have optimisations for windowed games turned on. If you don't know how to do it, follow the below link;


With all these, my VR is running pretty good on 7900XT. It's now starting to finally run better than my old 6800XT.

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Journeyman III

Thanks EmilG for the tips.

Just upgraded my rig to a 7900XT and was exploring Il2 VR and wondering about performance and stability.

Now if I could turn my monitor off when using my headset (no need to have the monitor on when not being used) but without it turning my headset off, that would be great.

Noticed in Il2 better colour and clarity at the same SS and VR-FSR settings as my old RTX2080.  Now with great performance.

Adept II

Can you give some performance examples ? What is the rest of your hardware ? What HMD are you using ? I can make a post like this and say 23.9.1 is perfect and basicaly provide no information except a random statement.

Journeyman III

For me, I'm using a Pimax 8K-X headset and mainly Il2 Great Battles series of combat flight sims.  Running 1.20 on Pimax render setting and 60% SteamVR SS with advanced Render Setting turned off (makes everything distant blurry).  Vertical res is approx 3148 pending on what I go with and FOV is set in Pitool to Large 170degrees.

The Sim on the 7900XT can be set to Ultra with Ultra Shadows, HDR and at the moment no AA.  I have tried MSAA at x4 at lower SS res (approx 2612) but it drops the frame rate about 30 to 40% although the image looks good.  I will experiment some more with FXAA but turn it off if it blurs the image.  At lower SS res with MSAA one can get decent frame rates but shimmering occurs and the image is not good.

Maybe a higher dpi headset at the same SS target would be better as I find the shimmering occurs when the headset is horizontally level and if I tilt my head, the shimmering dissipates.  In Star Wars Squadrons - this is not an issue and the image at the same SS settings is great.  Only issue with SWS is that I have to run Parallel Projection in PiTool as the games does not support cantered VR Headsets.